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Quick Links. Table of Contents. See chapter Technical data for scope of use. With favourable conditions the tolerance may deteriorate by 0. With unfavourable conditions the tolerance may deteriorate by 0. Page 6: Instrument Set-Up Indicates a potentially hazardous situ- understand these directions and ation or an unintended use which, if adhere to them.

Page 7 Instrument Set-up Insert batteries To ensure a reliable use, we recom- mend using high quality Alkaline bat- teries. Change batteries when battery symbol is flashing. Page 9 Instrument Set-up Clear Undo last action. Leave actual function, go to default operation mode. Page 11 Instrument Set-up Adjusting measuring reference Press button 2 sec and ref- erence from front is set per- manently.

Distance is measured from the front of the device. Distance is measured from the rear of the device standard setting. Page 12 Instrument Set-up Multifunctional endpiece The orientation of the endpiece is automatically detected and the zero point is adjusted accord- ingly.

Page 13 Instrument Set-up Unit setting 0. Page 14 Instrument Set-up Beep Press both keys simultaneousley. Page Operations Aim active laser at target. Target surfaces: Measuring errors can occur when meas- uring to colourless liquids, glass, styrofoam or permeable sur- faces or when aiming at high gloss surfaces. The min- imum and maximum distance measured is displayed min, max.

The last value measured is displayed in the main line. The next measurement is added to the previous one, respectively sub- tracted from the previous one. Page 18 The result is shown in the main line and the measured value above. Measure and add or subtract wall lengths. Page 19 Operations Volume Aim laser at first target point. Aim laser at second target point. Aim laser at third target point. Circumference and wall area are dis- played. Page 20 Operations Memory last 10 results Last 10 values are displayed.

Navigates through last 10 values. Page 21 Operations Delete Memory Press both keys simultaneousley. Memory is completely deleted. Page 22 It avoids shak- ing of the device when pressing the measurement key. Adjust delay of automatic release max. Page 23 Aim laser at upper point.

Aim laser rectangular at lower point. The result is shown in the main line and the measured distance above. Pressing the measuring key for 2 sec in the function activ- ates automatically Minimum or Maximum measurement. Page 24 Aim laser at rectangular point.

Maximum measurement. Aim laser at lower point. Page 25 Move device slowly along the stake 0. The distance to the next distance. When approaching a stake out point to less then 0. Page 26 A wide range of com- mercial software can be found on our homepage. For more details, see our homepage.

Page Message Codes Received signal too high Change target surface e. Too much background light Shadow target area. Page Care Care Ca r e Clean the device with a damp, soft cloth.

Never immerse the device in water. Never use aggressive cleaning agents or solvents. Free of Page Safety Instructions Safety instructions Sa f e t y i n s t r u c t i o n s The person responsible for the instrument must ensure that all users understand these directions and adhere to them. Page 33 e. In case of damage, contact a local dealer. Page 35 Safety instructions Limits of use Refer to section Technical data. The device is designed for use in areas permanently hab- itable by humans.

Do not use the product in explosion hazardous areas or in aggressive environments. Page 37 Dispose of the product appropriately in accordance with the national regulations in force in your country.

Adhere to the national and coun- try specific regulations. Product specific treatment and waste man- agement can be downloaded from our homepage. This device should not be modified otherwise the granted designation num- ber will become invalid. Page 40 Do not use the product near medical equipment. Do not use the product in airplanes. Do not use the product near your body for extended periods.

Page 41 Looking directly into the beam with optical aids e. Page 42 Safety instructions Labelling Subject to change drawings, descriptions and technical data without prior notice. Print page 1 Print document 43 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Leica Geosystems Leica DISTO D2 User Manual



Leica DISTO D2 User Manual






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