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The Compendium also incorporates many of the rule sets introduced in the Battlefleet Gothic Magazine, Annual and Fanatic Magazine. It is also heavily cross-referenced; any references listed in italics refer to pages in this same document. For all intents and purposes this supersedes any previously released FAQ and Errata.

Note that the online rules correct a number of deficiencies in the printed rulebook, not all of which are reiterated here. Please note that besides additions and changes, the intention of this document is to address unusual circumstances and situations that do not normally come up in gameplay, and so by intent some of the topics are discussed in far greater detail than would normally be covered in the standard rules.

However, it is almost guaranteed that in the course of gameplay, some situation is going to come up that is not covered by this FAQ. As this is a GAME and therefore played for FUN, there is no reason why these cannot be resolved simply by looking at which solution is the fairest for all players should the situation be reversed. Should this not work, make a coin toss or D6 roll to decide the outcome, game on and enjoy! Note: To aid to make at least 2 or more, such as attempting to on any bonuses gained by the ship itself.

For in pre-measuring, use a couple of empty flying bases disengage near celestial phenomena, etc. However, to add a degree of subtlety to a Leadership is at least Ld8. Crew skills can only be Crew or when Orks use All Ahead Full special campaign, fleet lists may be kept secret until the end gained by ships, not Fleet Commanders orders must be taken before a special order is failed.

Once special orders are failed, no more special orders If a ship containing a fleet commander, Warlord, However, it must be written down, complete with all can be declared except Brace For Impact. M ark of Chaos, etc. If at any time your opponent embarked commanders or other improvements are wishes to see your fleet list, both players must then Only one re-roll can be spent on a vessel or squadron included in the Victory Points earned by the enemy, immediately reveal their fleet lists to each other.

In other words, if a vessel or even if it can be assumed the fleet commander squadron fails a leadership check and then fails a re- Secrecy of Subplots: Subplots are normally rolled for escaped to fight another day.

For example, if an Ork roll, another re-roll cannot be expended on it for the in front of both players at the beginning of the game. However, they must be written down at A capital ship squadron always rolls special orders or M eks are lost for the game. However, in a campaign, the beginning of the game, and if at any time your leadership tests together, benefiting from the the Warlord manages to get his hands on another Kill opponent wishes to see your subplot s , both players leadership of the highest leadership of any surviving Kroozer or whatever and gather around him some must then immediately reveal them to each other.

If vessels in the squadron, even if crippled this differs M eks. Or, if you like, another Warlord showed up to kept secret, they must nonetheless be revealed at the only if an individual capital ship wishes to take his place with his own mob of M ad M eks! For example, if a capital ship that already has particular crew skills, they may be combined as long as they do not contradict each ship squadron has a ship that is Ld8 and a ship that is Special orders are declared during the movement other.

This is list cannot use as a flagship a vessel with the M ark of combine these effects, meaning its leadership will repeated until a vessel fails its command check, after only be Ld9 if the enemy is on special orders.

Conversely, the squadron suffers leadership modifiers A ship or defense can never be on more than one if any one vessel in the squadron is in contact with special order at a time unless described otherwise in blast markers, regardless of whether or not it is the its special rules, such as a Ramilies Star Fort.

See p. For instance, an Admiral with Leadership has its leadership superseded by that of the embarked 10 aboard a ship in contact with Blast M arkers -1Ld fleet commander. Crew skills also cannot be multiplied; an Ork catastrophic damage and p. Eldar Phantom Lances, total the damage caused and special order the ship or squadron may currently be then save for each point of damage caused past Any ship described as being on standby may not on.

However, the special order previously in effect shields as normal. Example: Heavy Gunz hit a braced move, fire weapons or launch ordnance. It may remains so, in that ships that reloaded ordnance are squadron of Swords 5 times, total the damage to 10 however attempt to Brace and repair critical damage. Turrets and shields work normally. While on standby, Full must continue to do so, etc. Ships and squadrons ships obviously count as defenses against the gunnery still cannot take special orders in the next turn.

Ships on does not allow capital ships to double their turn rate Brace For Impact DOES NOT protect against critical standby must follow the rules in the particular all at once; they may instead turn twice in a single damage caused by hits that were not saved against scenario to come out of standby, after which they movement phase instead of once, each time turning normally, nor any damage caused during a boarding behave normally in all respects.

Capital ships action including critical damage. If down by celestial phenomena, being crippled, etc. A decision to brace for impact must be made before it cannot because of movement modifiers, then it If a squadron with multiple D6 values when All any attempt to shoot rolling dice by the opponent is cannot take advantage of this Special Order. This effect is Reload Ordnance and M ovement: M ovement is A ship can only count forward movement made cumulative if a capital ship is crippled, see p.

In A ship that fails an attempt to Brace For Impact other words, a cruiser that moves straight ahead at BRACE FOR IMPACT: Brace For Impact special cannot attempt again to Brace until the ship, least 10cm without turning in a movement phase orders can be undertaken ANY time a ship faces squadron, ordnance wave or other event causing cannot count that movement to immediately turn in taking damage before the actual to-hit result is rolled, damage to it completes its attacks, finishes causing the next movement phase.

This does not apply to including when ramming or being rammed or against damage, resolves its effects, etc. It can however again Space Hulks or other vessels specifically addressed as damage from asteroid fields. For example, you do not attempt to brace before the next ship, squadron or utilizing special turning rules. When ships overlap it is common practice to brace for damage against traversing asteroid fields whatever reason such as being Braced , total up the remove the models from their flying bases.

To keep until after one actually fails the leadership test to combined strengths rounding up before halving or things clear, it is usually best to have a few stemless traverse the field but before any rolls to inflict splitting firepower.

For escorts in particular, total all flying bases around with a straight line draw from the damage are made. When facing damage from an combined strengths for the entire squadron before central hole to the bases edge to indicate direction.

If exploding vessel, one may wait until the 3D6cm halving or splitting firepower. For example, if a desired, numbered contact markers can be used for measurement for blast radius is made but before any squadron of five or six Eldar Hemlocks are braced, this as well.

The drastic weakening of their shield hits are rolled. It may now also be used to protect they have a total of three pulsar lances. See make a leadership check to split its fire between escorts can be stacked to follow the movement of p.

If normally. It also must make a leadership check to fire When shooting and the line of fire is on the line in- the models do not physically fit where they should be on an enemy ordnance marker, wave or salvo if it is between arcs, the shooting player chooses which arcs located, a contact marker or similar can be used for not the closest enemy ordnance marker in range.

See to use, whether it is the attacking or defending ship. As a rule, ship s should only be stacked p.

Calculate the dice on whole base is affected. It counts as being in contact targeted as Defenses. This means you do not suffer gunnery shifts I move 0. This includes if it ended its same squadron in the same shooting phase.

The order At no time do ships count as moving simultaneously in which these weapons hit is up to the shooting movement in contact with a blast marker for any even if in a squadron and must always be moved player, so Bombardment Cannons can hit after reason.

A vessel is considered to be moving through one at a time, in any order desired by the owning weapons batteries have taken down shields for blast markers even if it is moving away from blast player. Escort squadrons have their total firepower halved column when targeting defenses, applying any modifiers as applicable. In other squadron. Escort squadrons do not have their weapon If a combination of ships in a squadron has a words, a ship in contact with a blast marker does not strength halved solely because the squadron is firepower value greater than 20, look up 20 and the in and of itself count as being a blast marker for remaining firepower values separately and add them purposes of being in base contact with other ships.

Ordnance attacking ships battery or lance fire of any type at a single target! When shooting at ships, the first blast marker is Ships with multiple weapons in a given fire arc may placed directly in the line of fire from the shooting split their weapon strength between two or more vessel, with subsequent blast markers fanning out targets but must still make a leadership check to fire around it.

Blast markers cannot be stacked unless on any target besides the closest. A ship electing to fire at ordnance does not have to make a leadership check to ignore closer ship targets, When a ship has multiple bases in contact when nor does it have to make a leadership check to ignore taking fire, the blast marker is placed between the enemy ordnance if it is the closest target. It must still base of the ship taking fire and the ship closest in the.

In other words, a A ship only risks damage from moving through blast at once in the beginning of the shooting phase. When single round of shooting from a ship or squadron markers if it has suffered a Shields Collapse critical firing, the template is placed anywhere desired so that cannot place blast markers in base contact with more hit or if the vessel does not have shields, such as its edge is between cm from the firing vessel.

Ships with shields overloaded by taking fire It does not have to be centered on a single ship and at for two in total except in the following cases: but are otherwise functional do not risk taking can be placed in contact with multiple targets.

A ship with multiple shields like a battleship damage on a D6 roll of 6. Roll 2D6 if the template is between 45 M ovement through blast markers reduces speed by a fanned out normally contact more than one to 60cm of the firing ship, or 3D6 if it is placed total of 5cm, regardless of how many are moved vessel in actual base contact as opposed to beyond 60cm.

M ove the template a number of cm through in each movement phase. In other rolled by the dice in the direction of the scatter die separate movement phase for Eldar vessels. Ships words, if a ship in base contact with the ship roll. Any target that is in base a Shields Collapsed critical, only need to test once being normally fanned around the base of the contact of the template after it is moved takes one hit. When merely in base template takes D6 hits.

Replace the template with a Eldar however have to do this one time for each of contact with the ship fired up on, the blast marker single blast marker if it does not contact a target after their two movements per turn if they encounter blast must physically touch the bases of the ships it is being moved. The correct dimensions of the Nova Cannon template 2.

Use the larger not before. A ship overlapping a ship in centrally as possible to where the escort was. As a cannot fire through obstacles or celestial phenomena contact with a blast marker also counts as being in blast marker is smaller than a small flying base, the that act as normal line of sight obstructions, such as contact with it. If desired ships are overlapping each other, this does not with this blast marker is if their bases actually however, these can nonetheless be fired upon.

If a cascade to other vessels. For example, Ship 2 overlapped. Ship 3 overlaps on Ship 2 but not halves shields, turrets, ordnance, all weapons and edge. Ship 2 counts as having a blast marker on it, but as long as the blast marker does not affects boarding.

This effect is cumulative if the ship Nova Cannon are unaffected in any way by Lock-On physically touch Ship 3, it does not count as being in is braced, meaning if a ship is both braced and or Reload Ordnance special orders. If it suits you, assume it is a the weapon is fired. This includes targets the weapon they do not touch the bases of ships nearby but not quarter, rounding up.

Nova Cannon are no longer a guess-range weapon, For example, if an Eldar vessel is hit by a Nova and it can be fired per-ship normally as opposed to all Cannon round and fails to save, it must immediately. If this save is successful the effect ordnance. This prevents a carrier from attacking a Holofield saves are taken against a direct hit from a of the Armageddon Gun is negated, and a blast target to expend its attack craft in play and then Nova Cannon where the hole is over the base as well marker is placed normally for the save.

Being braced launching a new attack craft wave in a single turn. This rule does not apply to torpedoes, which do not contact with the blast template. If this save is run out and do not have launch limits.


BFG [Rulebook] 2010 Compendium.pdf

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Battlefleet Gothic

The maximum number of bonus Fleet Commanders sion fleet list, or instead pick a Retaliator or Executor class attacks that can be added in this way is equal to the number A fleet with a total points value of more than points must from the Thirteenth Black Crusade fleet list. You couldn't pick of turrets the target ship has on its profile so not including be led by a Fleet Commander, unless specifically stated oth- a grand cruiser from both fleet lists, however, since this would bonuses from other ships in base contact using the massed tur- erwise in the fleet list. Note that some characters which may leave you wtih three cruisers and two grand cruisers - above ret fire rule. There must be at least one suriving bomber in the appear under the fleet commander section of a fleet list may not the maximum permitted number. Basically, the restrictions on wave after turret fire to gain these bonus attacks and fighters necessarily count as a fleet commander, such as the Chaos Lord maximum and minimum numbers of ships are determined for are removed before any other type of ordnance.


Where to find rules for BFG?

Battlefleet Gothic is an out-of-production specialist game made by Games Workshop , where players control fleets of spacecraft. Don't ask how the Tau are there; Warp storm or some shit should be all the hand wave you need. The rules for ships that are aligned with the Imperium , Chaos , Ork , or Eldar and were present in the Gothic War are in the main rulebook. Rules for ships other than that were released later in other publications with rules for playing games not necessarily set in the Gothic Sector - the largest and most relevant of which is Battlefleet Gothic - Armada , which contains rules for ships belonging to other major factions in 40k. Note that in Armada does not state that the factions, fleets and ships described were necessarily in the Gothic Sector, it is intended to expand the game to any void war in the whole 40k galaxy. Some people still think that BFG is one of the best or at least most fun games that GW have ever made. Particularly assuming you just ignore the Necrons , and everyone is playing competently, much fun can be had by all, doubly so when the optional limit on assault boats is used so that escorts are worth a fuck.


BFG rulebook - Armada.pdf


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