Bhartruhari satakam

In the medieval tradition of Indian scholarship, it was assumed that both texts were written by the same person. Both the grammar and the poetic works had an enormous influence in their respective fields.

Jim gatheral

These lectures will survey recent work on the parameterization of volatility surfaces and the modeling of their dynamics. After reviewing the basics of volatility modeling, I will motivate the SVI "stochastic volatility inspired" parameterization of the volatility surface. I will show how to fit SVI to option prices whilst ensuring no static arbitrage.

Barbara beuys sophie scholl

She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich LMU with her brother, Hans. As a result, she was executed by guillotine. Since the s, Scholl has been extensively commemorated for her anti-Nazi resistance work.

Absite killer

This interactive online tutorial gives examinees the opportunity to learn how to navigate through the testing format. To access the sample test, click here.