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Normal Mode: Zero negative pitch. For indoor flying or outdoor flying with no wind. The heli will not slam to the ground if you pull the throttle down to fast due to having negative pitch. I am able to flip, roll, and invert with this. Switching between the 3 modes in flight is very smooth. There is no height change switching between the modes.

I tried inches of the ground, a foot off the ground, waist level, and 6 feet up. Select a new model or reset a current model. Any settings that are not listed below are default settings. Receiver Pot Setting — The pot is at the 12 o-clock position from the factory flat spot.

If you turn the pot clockwise to the 4 o-clock position flat spot the heli will be much more stable. Be careful when you turn the pot. I would use the plastic screwdriver to turn the pot that came with the heli. These settings are for hovering and slow flight only. These settings have very low servo travel which will make the controls less responsive to stick input if you need to tame down the controls even more.

Set as high as you can go without getting tail wag. If you get tail wag with these numbers lower them all equally EX: SRVHD — It appears this stops the servos or throttle on the helicopter from moving while you are in the program menu. When you exit they function again. These settings will help minimize damage in a crash as the swash and blades will be at mid stick zero degrees pitch.

This will also help prevent a boom strike. The swash does not move with TH with these settings. There is no autorotation for the Mini CP helicopter. If you are setting up pitch curves use these settings first then switch to the settings above for when you fly.

Adjust the pot s to make the helicopter more response or more stable. You want a balance of good response and stability. If you adjust the pot s too high the swashplate may rock back and forth in flight. I recommend you first try the factory settings. Most of the time the factory settings are very good. I would use the plastic screwdriver that came with the helicopter to turn the pot. This is a list of settings that I have seen on different receivers. The settings available on a receiver will vary depending on which model receiver it is.

Use when leveling the Swashplate and making adjustments. Good for flying outdoors in wind. Leave it where it is set to. Notes: Nose pitches up in fast forward flight with a 3 axis or 6 axis gyro.

Receiver gyro gain is too low. If the receiver gyro gain is too high the heli may bob up and down.


Walkera's Mini CP Manual


EIC 4021 PDF

GuangZhou Walkera Technology MINI-CP 2.4GHz Transceiver Discussion and FAQ Users Manual Part 1of5



Walkera Mini CP Helicopter – Beginner Transmitter Settings


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