Muitas vezes, nessa fase, a lipodermoesclerose pode ser confundida com erisipela ou celulite. A elasticidade diminui com o tempo e com as lavagens, necessitando trocas pelo menos a cada seis meses. Chronic leg ulcers: the impact of venous disease. J Vasc Surg. Chronic ulceration of the leg: extent of the problem and provision of care.

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Especialista em Terapia Nutricional Enteral e Parenteral. Belo Horizonte, Brasil. This is a review of publications on venous ulcers. Considering the high incidence and prevalence of venous ulcers as well their interference in patients' lives and the different ways of treatment, this study proposes a modernization of guidelines on treating venous ulcers.

The results showed that although the research has advanced, there still persists doubt as to which is the best venous ulcers treatment: Should the occlusive covering and compressive therapy be used together or not? The study concludes that the main guidelines to ulcers treatment should be based on four conducts: The static venous treatment, based on therapy and compress therapy; topical therapy, choosing the best local covering to keep the wounds humid and clean in order to absorb the exudation; infection control by using systemic antibiotic therapy and prevention of relapse.

Puede afectar al sistema venoso superficial, al profundo o a ambos. En Estados Unidos aparecen cerca de Sin embargo, pueden estar presentes en otras partes de las piernas cuando son originadas por traumas o infecciones.

Para Borges 5 , se han recomendado muchas soluciones para la limpieza de la superficie de las heridas. Es un procedimiento invasivo, doloroso y con riesgos para el paciente. Reducir el peso corporal. J Vasc Br ;4 Supl. Enfermagem Brasil. Curativos e Coberturas para o Tratamento de Feridas. Abordagem Multiprofissional do tratamento de Feridas. Borges EL. Tese de doutorado. Vieira S, Hossne WS. Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia.

Revista de Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular. Volume 4 - , n 4. Revista de angiologia e cirurgia vascular. Volume Abdalla S, Dadalti P. Yamada BFA. Maffei FHA. Rio de Janeiro: Medsi; Cap 67, Dealey C. Ulceras Venosas. In: Cuidando de feridas: um guia para enfermeiras. Figueiredo M. Revista Virtual de Medicina. Limpeza e Desbridamento. In: Borges EL. Feridas; como tratar. Feridas e Curativos. In: Martins AP. Blanes, Leila. Tratamento de feridas.

Baptista-Silva JCC, editor. Cirurgia vascular: guiailustrado. Fisiopatologia do Processo Cicatricial. Servicios Personalizados Revista. Referencias 1.


Ulcera varicosa

Venous ulcer: six years of existence for 92 days of healing. Estudiante de Doctorado. Minas Gerais. Objective: To describe the evolution of the venous ulcer treatment with the use of advanced roofing and present the answers of the patient ahead of care provided in primary health care. Method: study of methodological approach case report, with informed consent by the patient. Results: quick response with decreased pain and scope of healing and improvement of the negative impacts with use of appropriate coverage, systematic care and skilled professional. Conclusion: The treatment was possible due to the availability of adequate coverage and knowledge of professionals to conduct the case.

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