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Go up a directory. Upload Sign In Join. Articulo Productos. Articulo Productos Marinos. Articulo Productos Quimicos. Articulo Proesor Delgadillo Ois, Parcial 1. Articulo Prof Arellano. Articulo Prof Fernando Bravo. Articulo Prof Francisco. Articulo Prof. Articulo Prof Ismael Oliva. Luis a.

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Questions About Sotia tacuta by A. To ask other readers questions about Sotia tacuta , please sign up. Answered Questions This book was recommended to me as a read-alike to Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl.


Asa Harrison Sotia Tacuta 1 26

A chilling psychological thriller portraying the disintegration of a relationship down to the deadliest point when murdering your husband suddenly makes perfect sense. Todd Gilbert and Jodi Brett are in a bad place in their relationship. They've been together for twenty-eight years, and with no children to worry about there has been little to disrupt their affluent Chicago lifestyle. But there has also been little to hold it together, and beneath the surface lie ever-widening cracks. HE is a committed cheater. SHE lives and breathes denial. HE exists in dual worlds.

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