Kubota took an old idea and made it more modern for more modern times. The original Kubotan trademarked by Kubota was a small rod approximately 5. It had a swivel eye screwed into one end so that it could be used as a keychain handle. At the request of the Los Angeles Police Department Kubota, a martial arts instructor, developed a simple training program, using the Kubotan, that would allow smaller stature officers an advantage in restraining and handcuffing suspects. Extensive skill building includes targeting pressure points, sensitive bony areas, and even vital targets.

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If you know how to punch and move your hands then you can use the kubotan. However, using the Kubotan is like every other skill it gets better with regular practice. Remember that in under pressure you will not have much time to think so everything need to come natural to you and here lies the importance of your Kubotan training. You need to remember that the kubotan is just a force equalizer and it works in certain fight ranges and like everything has its limitations.

For that we highly recommend that you take a class or two with an instructor so you easily understand how the tool works and what to expect from it. Real life training develops your skills on distance and timings which are very important aspects in a fight. After you have had a couple of sessions with an instructor and got the fundamentals its time to nail them down into your muscle memory.

Simply you need to practice and train the moves and strikes over and over until you can perform instinctively. I am sharing the video below as it provides a simple demonstration for different types of strikes that I expect you to practice at home.

The instructor also explains how your body should be moving in order to deliver the strike with maximum force and impact. There are some other Kubotan training aspects, which I will touch upon in future posts, for now just train on using your kubotan.

Check out more training requirements at our kubotan training resources post. Kubotan techniques and defense. Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense.

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Is a Kubotan effective in a street fight? Self defense gadgets Daily Deals. Categories Kubatons Kubotan techniques and defense Self Defense. Disclaimer Kubotanselfdefence.


Kubotan Training

The Kubotan sometimes spelled Kubaton or self-defense keychain, is a highly accessible, durable, and effective self-defense weapon. It is essentially a shortened Yawara , usually less than 8" long and slightly thicker than a marker pen. Typically attached to a keyring for convenience and concealment, the kubotan appears to be an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye. Often it is carried instead of or as a complement to pepper spray , with the advantage that it does not deplete or backfire due to wind direction. In usage it is very similar to the yawara , except that it is only long enough to protrude from one end of a closed fist, and the attached keys can act as a flail of sorts. It is often touted as needing very little training to be effective. Many of the people who signed up are repeat students.


Kubotan for Self-Defense

Whatever the danger might be, the answer to being safe could lie in an unassuming little stick-like metal about the size and weight of a pen. Yes, a Kubotan is most definitely effective as a well disguised and unassuming means of self-defense especially if you have some understanding of how it is best used to gain an edge over your attacker, bearing in mind that the protection it provides depends on the level of training and skills obtained. A more detailed look at this below explains how it actually is effective and how the secret potential and training techniques of the Kubotan can really make your attacker bow to you in submission, literally. The effectiveness of a kubotan lies in the ability to provide a non-invasive defense option which can possibly provide an ulterior restrain on your adversary providing a perfect escape for you to flee.

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