Surgical treatment, which includes sectioning the retinaculum of the flexors retinaculotomy , is indicated in cases of resistance to conservative treatment in deficit forms or, more frequently, in acute forms. In minimally invasive techniques endoscopy and mini-open , and even though the learning curve is longer, it seems that functional recovery occurs earlier than in the classical surgery, but with identical long-term results. The choice depends on the surgeon, patient, severity, etiology and availability of material. Recovery of strength requires four to six months after regression of the pain of pillar pain type.

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Os casos duvidosos devem ser observados. Carpal tunnel syndrome: controversies regarding clinical and electrodiagnosis and its work-relatedness. These symptoms are poorly correlated with changes of nerve conduction studies of the median nerve. CTS should be diagnosed only when typical symptoms are associated with significant electrophysiological abnormalities.

The association of CTS with work is highly controversial. A pesquisa da sensibilidade pode estar alterada. Certas manobras, como os testes de Tinel e Phalen, podem provocar os sintomas.

Bingham et al. Atroshi et al. Werner et al. Nos casos duvidosos, os pacientes devem ser seguidos. Certas atividades, vocacionais ou recreacionais, podem facilitar o aparecimento de sintomas.

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Services on Demand Journal. Carpal tunnel syndrome: controversies regarding clinical and electrodiagnosis and its work-relatedness ABSTRACT - The diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome CTS may be difficult because paresthesias and tingling in the upper limbs are commonly reported in the general population. Vergueiro, sl. How to cite this article.


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