Since the ancient times many people were narrow-minded. They could not know anything about other nations or territories they had never seen. The only way to get news was talking to each other and telling stories, which often were just rumours. Some people believed, while other did not.

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Recommend Documents. Egzamin r. Paper-angl-final V4. Pytania na egzamin ustny. A4 angl. Zagadnienia na egzamin zawodowy. Klucz punktowania odpowiedzi. Algebra liniowa. Egzamin - Pjwstk. Egzamin gimnazjalny - Gimnazjum nr 1. You are going to hear two short telephone conversations about registering for language courses.

You will hear them twice. Listen to the recording and complete the table. An example 0 has been done for you. Hello, I'd like to register for a language course. OK, no problem. Can I send you a form to fill in? Can I do this now? I am afraid I cannot use my computer for some time. Right, what is your name? Anna Townsend?

Could you spell your last name for me? Thank you. What is your contact phone please? And are you under 18? We have this clause in our regulations? I am, actually, What course would you like to register for? I'd like to take Intermediate Japanese, please. We start the course on the 13 of July. I will let you know how to log into our Internet data base before the course.

Thank you for calling. B Thanks a lot. A Good bye. Yes, hello. I'd like to study Greek. Our family is going to rent a summer house on an island in Greece.

Yes, we have some courses in Greek. Oh good, can you put me onto the list. OK, what is your name please? Sirius Wainwright. Could you spell that last name for me? Is this your contact phone you are calling from? Yes, it's May I ask your age? I am So it is the Beginning Greek course you are interested in. Yes, I'd like to start as soon as possible. We will inform you about the course when we have the schedule confirmed.

The preliminary date is the 8th of August. B Oh, thank you. Good bye. You will hear people speaking in four different situations. For questions 7—10, choose the best answer, A, B, or C. You will hear each situation twice.

Who is this woman? A a school teacher B a security officer C a museum guide Attention, please! Now we will go into the next room, you will see life-like figures, dressed in original clothing donated by celebrities. I'd like to ask you not to touch anything on display. The museum is very strict about this and we will ask you to leave if we think you're not taking our rules seriously.

I actually had some pupils that were told to leave last week because they tried to take some gloves. What is she refusing to do? A exchange a faulty item B give him his money back C fix a faulty item Shop assistant: I am very sorry, but I cannot do that without consulting the manager. I don't have the authority. I want my money back. Shop assistant: Yes, but I can't tell if there's really anything wrong with it just by looking at it.

I can send this item to our technical department and let you know as soon as we get their opinion. If the item cannot be repaired, we can pay your money back or we can let you choose another item of the same price. NINE Two people are talking about a friend's party on the phone. How was the party? A boring B overcrowded C exciting Man: Oh, nice to hear from you.

I am so sorry I couldn't come to the party. How was it? Girl: It wasn't very exciting. She made all this food, like she was expecting tons of people, and then hardly anyone turned up, and her stereo was so bad that if you were standing next to it, you couldn't even hear it. TEN Listen to a woman calling an airline. What does she want to do? A change her accomodation B change her travel date C change her destination Yes, the 1st of July… Yes, Paris, France… Now, my problem is, my sister lives there, and she was supposed to be looking for a place to stay for me but she has a problem with her work right now and she asked me to reserve it from here… Yeah, well what it is, I don't really want to spend my vacation going around the city alone.

So I wanted to ask you whether it would cost a lot to change the flight, maybe stay until later in the summer, when she'll be more free, and we might even travel to a few more places? You are visiting a Wax museum when you hear a woman addressing a group of pupils. You are in a department store and you hear a shop assistant talking to a customer. Two people are talking about a friend's party on the phone. Listen to a woman calling an airline.

You will hear an interview with a university professor about urban foxes. For questions 11—14, choose the best answer, A, B, or C. You will hear the recording twice.

Everyone who lives in a major city seems to agree that they are seeing more foxes than ever and that these creatures are becoming more bold. Are we overrun with a new breed of fearless urban fox? Are they becoming more aggressive? And if so, what should be done? How fair is our view of the urban fox — and is it actually any different from its country cousin? Today we talk to a Bristol University professor about what we know of urban foxes.

Journalist: 'You know, professor, people say that something should be done about them. I would love to get them out of here. They're really a nuisance and a danger. I think the foxes are getting more bold. They almost go right up to you.

I've become rather fearful myself. They've actually gone right up to my dog as well.


LITH 201 A: Second-Year Lithuanian

You will hear an interview with Jonas Mekas. For questions 1—6choose the right answer A, B or C and circle it. An example 0 is given. You will hear the recordingtwice. He started making films himselfA when he was


Anglų kalbos įskaitos kalbėjimo temos ir potemės

Recommend Documents. Egzamin r. Paper-angl-final V4. Pytania na egzamin ustny. A4 angl.


2011 metų užsienio kalbos (anglų) - Nacionalinis egzaminų centras

Part 1 Total 14 points, 2 points for each item. Part 2 Total 26 points, 2 points for each item. Atvirieji atsakymai vertinami diferencijuotai:. Part 3 Total 10 points, 2 points for each item. Reading Paper 25 points. Part 1 6 points, 1 point per item.


2009 metų anglų kalbos valstybinis egzaminas

Part 1 14 points, 2 points per item. For questions 1—7, choose the right answer A, B or C and circle it. An example 0 is given. You will hear the recording twice.

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