Reporting the quality of a radio communication is very important feedback information. The RST report Radio, Signal, Tone [ 1 , 2 ] is manly used by amateur radio operators and describes the quality of a radio communication with a two or three digit number. The first digit describes the intelligibility of the signal, the second the strength of the signal and if it's a CW transmission, the third digit describes the quality of the tone. The RST report is just a subjective evaluation of the received signal and it's not supposed to be a precise measure. In practice the majority of the reports are 59 or as a sort of courtesy to the corresponding ham, regardless of the quality of the QSO. This report is more accurate than the RST that is very often just 59 and therefore doesn't really reflect the quality of the received signal.

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Radiotecnica per radioamatori. Con elementi di elettronica e telecomunicazioni

Passa al contenuto principale. Padre ricco padre povero. Quello che i ricchi insegnano ai figli sul denaro 9. Testo latino a fronte. I tarocchi 1.


Radiotecnica Radioamatori



Radio reports


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