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Aceptar no significa conformarse, significa no luchar contra la circunstancia que estamos viviendo, significa integrarla con amor para poder tra Es reconocer la circunstancia, enfermedad o problema como una oportunidad para poderla superar, para despertar el potencial que habita en nuestro interior. Progresar en esta vida y t Soy capaz de relajarme, disfrutar y aprender en los momentos de soledad.

Soy mi prioridad. Merezco mimos, caprichos y cuidarme amorosamente. Puedo mantenerme en silencio incluso interno ante temas que desconozco e incluso ante los que no estoy de acuerdo y simplemente puedo "alejarme" cantando.

Me mantengo humilde al mirar mi pasado reconociendo de donde vengo y lo que he sido a capaz de hacer o vivir con total responsabilidad. Es momento de improvisar, de dar rienda suelta a mi creatividad Tomo la responsabilidad de mis pensamientos y palabras. Trabajo para la luz y el amor. Reino Mineral desde el origen de La Tierra es un regalo del Universo puesto "al servicio" de la humanidad. Nos relajamos en un lugar tranquilo de la casa, nos colocamos en Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Join Group settings More. San Sanchez shared a live video. May 3. April Estoy abierta a recibir todas las bendiciones del Universo.

Affirmations for Saturday 11 April I AM constant evolution and reflected in my day to day and my relationships. Progress in this life and succeeding to me means I am able to relax, enjoy and learn in moments of loneliness. I'm my priority. I deserve cuddles, whims and caring for myself lovingly. Allow myself to discover and develop artistic skills. I wonder at recognizing the efforts of others. I am able to cheer up and make someone's day more joyful. I recognize how people trust me and identify loyalty as one of my values.

I grow relationships that re-connect me with my purpose. I can keep quiet even internal in the face of issues I don't know and even to which I disagree with and I can just "walk away" singing. I stay humble by looking at my past recognizing where I come from and what I have been able to do or live with total responsibility.

I am open to receiving all the blessings of the Universe. April 9. April 8. See More. Mineral Kingdom from the origin of the Earth is a gift of the Universe put "at the service" of humanity. They contain relevant information like a memory, they are the healing guardians of the world.

Quartz crystals just like the human body possess the ability to produce electrical impulses through their energy field. When the energy fields of crystal and human being interact, they balance the magnetic field of the human body. Crystallotherapy is an alternative and personified therapy for each case that benefits our magnetic field aura and its energy centers chakras.

We relax in a quiet place in the house, put ourselves in a comfortable position, connecting with our deep and conscious breath and repeat these claims Now I allow myself to track if there is any internal movement of rejection or resistance. Without intervention I let them go through breathing I imagine I expel them through the mouth with each of my exhalations Juan Francisco Mendoza April 4. This content isn't available right now. When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.

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