Contact Terms and Conditions About us How to order. Either on a room by room basis or link the units together for a whole house system. Entertainment: Use lighting to enhance the entertainment experience of your principle living spaces. Create different lighting scenes for different uses such as entertaining guests, watching TV, or a quite evening relaxation. Use lighting control to complete the 'Home cinema' experience. Functionality: Add functionality to your home with lighting control.

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You can also enjoy multiple light settings with several preset scenes to create dramatic home environments even as you drastically reduce your energy expenses. Just like your favourite radio station, once you preset a lighting scene you never have to recreate it again.

This lighting control system provides convenient control of your favourite lighting scenes at the touch of a button. Additional wall stations provide control of up to 16 scenes. Upto 8 units can also be linked together to expand system capacity and creating a lighting control network for an entire office or home, or even a complete floor in a large building.

With simple controls and easy programming, setting presets and transitioning between them can be mastered in a matter of minutes. This lighting control system has multiple control options. It can be controlled directly from the main unit or through additional wallstations, infrared remote controls, or an optional PC interface.

Easy to design and install It is easy to design and install. For new installations, there is no need for custom design or wiring. In a retrofit application, use existing wiring, including 3-way switches. Can be easily installed in conference rooms, home theatres, restaurants, and retail outlets This lighting control system is perfect for use both at work, and at home. Preset scenes and programmable fade times create a true movie cinema experience with smooth transition between lighting scenes.

This lighting control system has applications in conference rooms, home theatres, restaurants, and retail. If you have a small conference or meeting room at the office, you can select preset scenes for general meetings or AV presentations Of course, you may decide to use it to control lighting in your main workspaces too.

Create dramatic lighting effects that support retail themes and highlight merchandise. Coordinate the presentation of all stores in a chain with consistent light design and support distinctive store architecture. If you run a restaurant, you can put this lighting control system to work too.

For instance, you can set the tone for dining experiences in a restaurant with simple, hands-free operation of lighting and blinds. Enjoy expert, prompt and courteous customer service from the Ooberpad team. We will help you choose better and will give you all the support you need to take the right buying decision in India. Warranty1-year manufacturer warranty Key Features: Used to select and adjust scenes in The Credenza lamp dimmer make View cart.

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Lutron GXI-3104-T-CE-WH



Lutron GXI-3104-A-CE-WH Controller 2300W




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