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Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The time of the Orc has come. Mordor isa place of choking ash and blackened skies, of terror and dismay. Itis the stronghold of Sauron, the Lord of the Rings, and home to his numberless legions This sourcebook is your guide to collecting armies from Mardor, and fielding them in games of The Lord of the Rings.

He claims dominion overall the dark creatures of the world and, where the armies of Men bear heraldry of noble lineages, he hosts of the Dark Lord Unite under the single dread sign that i the Red Eye. There are Orcs by the thousands but these are the least of the corrupt servants servants within these forsaken tower.

The shadowy Morgul Knights guard the gates, and deep within the central tower, the Witch king fules his sepulchral realm from the throne room where Isildur fonce held court. Deep within the Mountains of Shadow, the Tower of cirith Ungol holds a legion of Mordor Uruk-hai, but there are lesser res to0. Further north, the towering rampart of the Morannen, the Black Gate, spans the pass ff Cirith Gorgor. Barad-dir is the greatest fortress in Middle earth. Check out Games Workshop's monthly magazine, White Dwarf, and www.

Sauron, the Lord of the Rings, seeks to dominate the world under a tyranny that will never end. Across hundreds of battlefields, minor skirmishes erupt into wars that will span many lifetimes of Men and claim thousand of lives. From the desolation of Armor and the eaves of Lothlorien, to the deserts of Harad and the ash-choked wastes of Mordor, the legions of Middle-earth do battle for the fate of the world!

The points value is a measure of haw formidable a warrior that model is. A weak and cowardly Moria Goblin costs a mere 4 points, whilst a mighty Dragon costs aver points, An Urukchai Scout costs 8 points, whilst Boromir of Gondor, a mighty Hero of Men, costs more than a hundred.

By adding together all the points costs of the Warriors and Heroes you have selected, you can find out the points value of your army. Knowing the points value of your models is Important, as it gives you a handy way of reckoning your army's effectiveness. It is this points value that determines the maximum points you can spend on your army, and therefore your army's overall power.

Sometimes it's just impossible to spend every last point - many point armies end up actually being or points. A game of points each is stil very entertaining, feeling like a clash of patrols, and normally lass less than an hour. Larger games take proportionally longer, and you might expect a game of 1, points or more to take the entire day - perfect for a lazy Saturday. With the points limit agreed, players need to pick their forces.

Each army. I you want to know which sourcebook to look in to find a particular army, consult the table below. The Free Peoples Mordor Mordor.

Moria and Angmar Maria, Angmar. The Captain To choose a warband, you must first select a Hero to be its captain. The captain can be given any of the options presented in his army list entry. Some Heroes are bought as a pair, such as Elladan and Elrohir. You can't have an army made up entirely of Aragorns! For example: A Warrior of Minas Tirth equipped witha shield and spear would cost 9 points. Bows carried by Heroes do not count towards an army's Bow Limit. Siege Engines Each warband can only contain a single siege engine.

Whichever Hero you choose is up to you, however you should try and match the leader of your force to the character most likely to lead the army in the story of The Lord of the Rings. Whilst there is no hard-and-fast rule to govern this choice, players have the chance to remain true to the character of the stories and Heroes they have chosen.

Independent Heroes cannot be leaders. Who Can Ally? One force cannot contain both Good and Evil models. It therefore consists of three allied contingents - one for each of the armies in the force. The bow limit on the allied contingent from the Shire is therefore Allies and the Leader If your army contains several allied contingents, your leader can be selected from any Hero in any contingent, following the normal restrictions.

Domination Hold Ground! All of the Points Match scenarios are designed to be fought [between two armies of equal points value. However, there's Rothing to stop you and your opponent having different points values for your forces. Note that only Good models can tse Stand Fasts! Some scenarios tell you deploy all of your models at the start of the game.

Others direct you to bring your warbands on as reinforcements as the game goes on. Both sides score Victory Points based on certain achievements on the battlefield, such as killing enemies, capturing ground and so on. At the end of the game, the force with the most Victory Points, wins. Ifone force has double or more Victory Points than the other, it not only wins, but can claim a Crushing Victory! If both forces have the same number of Victory Points, the game is a draw. First Amongst Equals Ityou're playing a multiplayer game ee above , itcan be a 00d ides foreach player to keep track oftheir own Victory Points separately, At the end of the game, both sides can total the Victory Points ofall ther players to determine which side has won, But the player with the most Victory Points on the winning side can, naturally, claim bragging rights for having earned the most glory!

These will often govern how reinforcements enter the board, but can also introduce other, more dramatic effects. The time has come and the enemy must be slain, no matter the cost. Once more, the forces of Good and Evil face each other on the field of battle.

No quarter shall be asked, and none shall be given. Only the Valar know who will win the day! He then selects a vwarband in his force and rolls a D6. Ona score of 1. On a score of the models from that warband can be deployed anywhere in the deployment zone.

The flayers then alternate placing the remaining two objectives, cording to the restrictions noted earlier. On a score of , the models from that warband can be deployed anywhere in the deployment zone. The army that controls this area vill be ata distinct advantage in the days to come. If both players have the same number of Victory Points the game isa draw. The player with the highest result has. On a result of , the game ends - otherwise, the battle continues for another turn!

Victory Points wins the game. Models can't charge in the turn they arrive, but otherwise act normally. Roll for each warband separately, deploy the models in the warband, then roll for the next. Only the leadership of their captains has kept the armies in the field now is the time for the Heroes to show their quality. Each time your force kills an enemy Hero in a Fight, one of your Heroes in the same Fight your choice regains a single Might point lost earlier in the battle.

Each group is attempting to breach the enemy's cordon whilst preventing their opposing numbers from sipping past. If both players have the same number of Victory Points, the game isa craw. Roll for each warband separately, deploy the mode's in the warband, then roll for the next. ARMIES player chooses his force, as described on pages , to an points value agreed before the game.

If both players have the same umber of Victory Point, the game is a draw. Dull-witted Trolls brawl in dank caverns and wicked spirits haunt the mountain passes. The mountains of Mordor can only be breached at two points - two cursed and desolate chinks in the armour Cf Sauron. The first, the pass of Cirith Ungol, winds through the Ephel Duath to link the green land of thilien with the dusty wasteland that is the plateau of Gargorath.

Though the route is navigable, passage through Cirith Ungol is by no. Ores will not enter portions of the pass, fearful of the bloated presence of Shelob, last child of Ungoliant. It was here, In the volcano's fury, that Sauren forged the One Ring. Never in the Third Age of the world has a horde of this magnitucle marched under a single banner. Ths is the army of Mordor.


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