School Library Journal began its review of Lincoln: A Photobiography by saying: "Few, if any, of the many books written for children about Lincoln can compare with Freedman's contribution. If you are going to have one book about Lincoln in your Grade classroom, this should probably be it. Freedman provides a compelling and complete portrait of Abraham Lincoln, describing his boyhood, his family life with Mary and his children, his early professional life, his presidency, and his assassination. Throughout, the reader gets a sense of who Lincoln was as an individual, what he believed, what he stood for, and what he thought regarding controversial issues. School Library Journal ended its review by saying "Like Lincoln himself, it stands head and shoulders above its competition.

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Abraham Lincoln stood out in a crowd as much for his wit and rollicking humor as for his height. This Newbery Medal-winning biography of our Civil War president is warm, appealing, and illustrated with dozens of carefully chosen photographs and prints.

Russell Freedman begins with a lively account of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood, his career as a country lawyer, and his courtship and marriage to Mary Todd. Then the author focuses on the presidential years to , skillfullly explaining the many complex issues Lincoln grappled with as he led a deeply divided nation through the Civil War. The book's final chapter is a moving account of that tragic evening in Ford's Theatre on April 14, Concludes with a sampling of Lincoln writings and a detailed list of Lincoln historical sites.

Pages : Carton Quantity : Age s : 10,11, Grade s : A human portrait of a politician honorably confronting the most vexing issues of his era. This biography feels astonishly real. This is an outstanding example of what juvenile biography can be. Like Lincoln himself, it stands head and shoulders above its competition. Books Best Sellers. Award Winners. New Releases. Coming Soon. ALA Winners. My Account. Buy Paperback Now. Also available in:. Included in: Common Core.

Available Resources Download Images. Related Categories Children's Books. Freedman lives in New York City and travels widely to research his books.

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Lincoln: A Photobiography by Russell Freedman

Oct 14, Minutes Middle Grade Buy. Oct 14, Minutes Middle Grade Abraham Lincoln stood out in a crowd as much for his wit and rollicking humor as for his height. Here is a warm, appealing biography of our Civil War president.


Lincoln: A Photobiography

Looking for all my quarantine resources? They are all here! A very fair and interesting look at Abraham Lincoln from birth to death. I mentioned in my goals post, that I was trying to crank through some Newbery titles in order to reach my mark of twelve this year. Born in a log cabin, grew some whiskers, assassinated. A few parts stood out to me as really well done.

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