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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. She often answers rather difficult, ask the Sahaja Yogis.

You, respected reader, have now read about a large number of miraculous or extremely unusual occurrences which seem to emanate from this remarkable lady. Not only that, She seems to have the ability to pass this ability on to those who take to Sahaja Yoga. Very often, as in one of the quotations earlier in this book, She will insist that it is all done we are not doing anything.

Done by who or what? The paramchaitanya, the all pervading power of divine love. Shri Mataji has been working hard and quietly for over thirty years now.

She has the most extraordinarily auspicious horoscope which is very revealing. An Indian astrologer who did both Her horoscope and the horoscope of Sahaja Yoga, has said that in the next few years Her message will go world wide. Perhaps the time for secrecy is over. In May Shri Mataji had just completed a lecture tour of Australia and had stopped over at Kuala Lumpur, en route to India, where She was to give some public programs. At Singapore airport, a friend of mine and I had the privilege of being able to join Her for the onward flight to Mumbai.

We were waiting in the queue of people to go through the metal detector prior to boarding the aircraft. As Shri Mataji started to walk through, all the lights started to flash and the buzzers to sound.

Shri Mataji was called to one side by a security attendant. After we had gone through without a murmur from the alarms, we followed to where She was detained. Shri Mataji was wearing a typical traditional Indian sari and blouse. The security attendant was using his hand scanner to check for any metal objects and, to his surprise, it continued to sound while scanning Shri Mataji, even on Her bare arms.

He checked his device on himself by scanning his arm and it only buzzed when going over his watch. A little confused, he once again scanned Shri Mataji, especially her bare arms and the device continued to buzz. According to the metal detector, this Indian lady, wearing only a silk sari with a short sleeved blouse, was clad in a suit of armour.

In the confusion and in disbelief in what was happening before his eyes and with a queue of passengers building up and walking through the detector without supervision, he waved to Shri Mataji to carry on. Shri Mataji chuckled and walked on into the boarding lounge. All this happened in a matter of ten to fifteen seconds. We both saw it and were totally bemused. I doubt that anyone else in that busy airport lounge realized what had happened that early morning.

Felicity Payment, now of Vancouver Canada, relates an experience that many of us who know Shri Mataji have had. Whatever is our special field of expertise, Shri Mataji seems to know it much better than we do. We were standing with Shri Mataji in the nave of a beautiful 13th century abbey in Sherbourne, Dorset, England.

We had just had a weekend seminar the day before at our house, Mill Farm in Dorset, England and as was Her custom, Shri Mataji was visiting the area to spread vibrations everywhere. She looked way up at the limestone ceiling full of vaulted buttresses. How do you think they made those arches?

She said, gesturing with Her hand, as if wondering to Herself. I was clutching a guidebook. Maybe it will tell us in here, I said, but before I could find anything, Shri Mataji launched into a complete architectural explanation, as if She knew the answer all along. Later Djamel Metouri said that he had had a conversation with Shri Mataji about aerodynamics and She had talked with him about very technical aerodynamic concepts. It was this incident that made me realize that Shri Mataji, of course, is the pure source of all knowledge.

She knows everything about everything. I was with Shri Mataji in Vancouver, going from the airport to the ashram where She was staying overnight. As we arrived there was a huge thunderstorm and Shri Mataji said it was Shri Vishnumaya, the sister of Shri Krishna, two of whose powers are lightning and electricity. We arrived in the ashram and Shri Mataji sat down and some of the yogis came to do namaskar at Her Feet.

As they did the namaskar, a lightning stroke came through the room between Her Feet and the people. The vibrations were absolutely amazing. Shri Mataji also has superhuman strength, if She so desires.

Ruth Flint, Duilio Cartocci and Giovanni Albanesi, who told the story of the never ending bag of cement and others, tell this story. On that same weekend that the miracle happened with the endless cement, at Brompton Square in London, some people were supposed to come and visit the house.

Many of the men were moving furniture. Shri Mataji asked some strong young Italians to move Her bed in solid wood and they were trying to push it, but could not move it a centimetre. Ruth Three of us had to move a very heavy wooden bed. We were at the foot of the bed on our knees and we pushed and pushed, but the bed didn't move. Duilio I was in the room, packing Shri Matajis suitcase. Shri Mataji approached the bed and just pushed it with Her knee and the bed moved.

At that moment I turned my head and I saw Shri Mataji touching with her knee the foot of the bed. In the same moment, the bed flew against the wall in the right position and we fell on the ground.

Duilio The Italian yogis said, Ah, in big shock and surprise. Everybody was in awe in front of Her. Ruth On that same day, there was a big wardrobe for clothes. The men needed to move this cupboard and no one could move it. But when Shri Mataji just touched it with Her finger, it just moved easily. Giovanni Often the Sahaja Yogis themselves are astounded at what people report. We had a Sahaja Yogi from Greece who was living near London. She kept pleading with Shri Mataji for her own parents come into Sahaja Yoga.

They were very orthodox Christians. In about , she finally managed to get an opportunity to bring them to see Mother. They sat in front of Mother while She talked to the Sahaja Yogis. When Shri Mataji got up and left the room, her parents suddenly got down on their knees and started bowing to Shri Matajis chair.

Her parents were in tears. The Sahaja Yogi asked them, after they had recovered their composure, what had happened. Apparently after Shri Mataji got up and left the chair, both the parents saw Christ kneeling by the chair in prayer.

Bala Kanayson Niranjan Mavinkurve was, by his own admission a great hater of Christianity, but after coming to Sahaja Yoga we all understand and respect all the true religions. The sixth, or Agnya chakra, which is situated at the level of the forehead, corresponds to the powers of Christ. Every chakra is associated with a deity or aspect of the divine, and Shri Mataji shows us how the spiritual evolution of mankind is reflected within the Kundalini of all of us.

Generally we only have visions like this if there is a little bit of a problem or imbalance. I got my realization on 12th August We both sat there and, this being a very early stage of Sahaja, Shri Mataji was Herself working hard to give Self Realization and raise our Kundalinis.

To my great surprise, when She touched my forehead, there was a flash and I saw a Christ crucified. I did not know it was the Agnya chakra, and I did not know it was the place of Christ.

It was for five or six seconds, just a flash. I wondered why being a Hindu and a great hater of Christianity I should get a vision of a crucified. But I didnt say anything at that time. I just witnessed it and closed my eyes. The flame would shudder at Shri Matajis glance, relates John Watkinson When Shri Mataji was giving vibrations, or curing, or generally working on someone by giving vibrations, very often a person would kneel at Her Feet.

Shri Mataji would be looking at their back and then suddenly She would look up and there would always be a candle put in front of Her. The moment She would look up at the candle, the flame would shudder. Then She would look at another flame, because there would always be two or three candles. As She looked at a particular flame, that candle would judder as She would be driving the negativity out and into the flame. It was fantastic to watch. Shri Mataji has explained many times that we should not see light or colours or any sort of extrasensory experiences like that, as Douglas Fry explains.

Many people who have taken drugs have seen Shri Mataji in this way, but She does not encourage it, and as the drugs wear off, so do these off-centre, or unbalanced, experiences. Because I wasnt properly centred, I had a bit of an Agnya problem at that time. I used to see Shri Mataji flash from different colours. She used to go this beautiful rainbow green and this beautiful rainbow red and Id just see this light sort of flashing from Her.

But apparently the reason for that was because I had an Agnya problem. I mentioned this to Shri Mataji: You shouldnt see that, She said, One colour is power and one is purity. I could see them, but She said, If you can actually see those colours, it means you are not a in the centre.

You are off to one side. Meenakshi Murdoch, living in London, describes how the chakras feel in Shri Matajis own body. After Shri Mataji had given realisation at the public programmes, we all would stand in a queue and go at to her and Mother would say: Oh, see.



Find this Pin and more on Esoterismo by Ramon Galindo. Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Australia Beach. Find this Pin and more on Interests by Chad Gates.


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