Previously released in Italy many decades ago, it remained one of their most popular RPGs since its inception. Now in 2nd Edition, and released for the first time in English, I'm excited to learn this game and play it with some patient, interested parties. Reply to this thread if you're interested, before applying for the game. Game Description: Lex Arcana: An Empire without End In the thirteenth century since the foundation of Rome, an Emperor still watches over twenty provinces and the different peoples inhabiting them. Ruling with the help of divinatory powers, the Emperor grants stability to a world threatened by supernatural phenomena and dark omens. Lex Arcana is a historical fantasy role-playing game, set in an alternative 5th century CE where magic exists.

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In that time, the project has gone to Kickstarter, done very well but then become a little delayed. Lex Arcana has become an example of how showing progress and being frequent with communications help manage timetabling challenges. One of the early heroes of the game has been the artwork. It is not just the release schedule we touch on here. We chat about whether it is possible to play in this alternate reality version of the Roman Empire if your knowledge of the real world Roman Empire is a bit shakey.

Can you describe Lex Arcana for people who might be reading about it for the first time? Among them are fighters, scholars, augurs, diplomats, explorers and assassins, and all these Custodes are sent in any corner of the Empire to face deadly risks and supernatural enemies. Valerio: Lex Arcana is also the role-playing game that probably had the most success in Italy, after DnD, of course. Mauro: I guess the feedback was very high. I remember a backer making a negative comment about one of our artworks saying that in ancient Rome there were no fire-breathing lions.

Actually, Roman mythology is literally full of monsters that can be assimilated in what can be found in a fantasy setting. And with our artworks, we have tried to make people understand this: ancient Rome was a dark, dangerous and hostile world more that the one described, for instance, in the sword and sandals 60s movies. Do you have a sense that the roleplaying games scene in Italy is similar to elsewhere in the world or are the differences?

Mauro: We absolutely have a strong influence from the US, British and North Europe scenes, before any other context, so the game we play most are from those countries or similar to them. Mauro: We had a huge, unexpected success with the crowdfunding campaign. We planned to publish as a first release books, then we found ourselves happily trapped with 4 different important publications. So, the problem is now to finish everything in time or with just an acceptable late.

Francesca: For me the hardest thing was finding the right balance between history and fantasy. Do you have a release schedule for Lex Arcana? Valerio: Yes, we plan to deliver all the PDFs for the end of the year through our pledge manager, doing it progressively, ideally starting after Lucca Comics and Games While for the printed part we foresee indicatively the beginning of the year, the end of January or the beginning of February, certain dates will be communicated as soon as we have feedback from all the partners we are working with.

Mauro: We have a lot of wonderful art, sometimes really astonishing. We decided to have a great artist also for maps and plants, so Francesco Mattioli joined the team. In addition to the pre-gens by Antonio De Luca and his team, I also take pictures of Alessandro Manzella for the volume on Egypt: his pictorial style is quite distant from the classic style that is expected on an Egyptian monograph, I think it will be interesting get the feedback from the backers. Something else? Other friends add more historical based characters and situations, other players add horror elements, dark fantasy mood and conspiracies among the Romans itself… As usual, the RPG as written is free to manipulate to create the adventures everyone wants… Valerio: As Demiurge the game master of Lex Arcana I preferred to write about adventures or campaigns that would focus on the journey: the Roman Empire was enormous, you could go from the desert to the steppe or to very Norse environments easily.

Politics, betrayals and secret sects were my favorite sidewalk, during these long campaigns. What I particularly enjoy is that all of them require a great deal of investigation. This alternate Roman world is deceiving, things are not what they seem, characters have to be watchful and intelligent.

Do you need a good knowledge of Roman history to get the most from the game? Mauro: This was a strategical decision we took before the 2nd edition will be announced.

XIX century. This way, those who want to go deep in Roman chronicles and society can add details at will, without the game and the adventures break.

On the other hand, those who want to approach Lex Arcana on a more superficial way can do so easily: the handbooks and the adventures already contain all the needed information few to play the game. What three tips would you give a new Lex Arcana GM to help them craft a better experience for their players? Mauro: Choose some historical character, iconic movie, mythical monster or famous location you like, and use it in your adventure.

An example? What three tips would you give a player joining a Lex Arcana game for the first time? Mauro: In this game, roles are very simple to perform: fighters, explorers, assassins, investigators, augurs and sages… You are part of a task force sent by the Emperor, and you will face misteries and weird menaces.

Ancient Roman historians themselves loved to mix history and legend, reality and magic. They should feel free of mixing historical reality and invention to provoke a sense of wonder and to make us -readers and players- wishing to take part in a great adventure. What does the roadmap for Lex Arcana look like? Geek Native welcomes thoughtful comments from our favourite readers. Join in below. Find out how.

Leave a comment below and follow on Facebook to stay in touch with the community. Charles Nunn says:.


Praetorians against prophecies: Lex Arcana RPG

The Roman Empire is far from being in crisis, but it is still besieged by barbarians all around the limes the border. Furthermore, magic does exist and pervades both the Roman Empire and its neighbours, becoming in itself a weapon of diplomacy and war. Mythical creatures live in the woods and mountains and the sea travel is endangered by storms and monsters. In this scenario, the Emperor Theodomire decides to create the Cohors Arcana, a special cohorts dedicated to paranormal investigations both in and around the Empire. Players may choose one of the several Cursus i.


A free introduction to Lex Arcana: A RPG set in a magical Roman Empire

The kickstarter for Lex Arcana: An Empire Without End was a fantastic success and folks are excited to see what this game is all about. It grew to be one of the best selling Italian rpgs and like many rpgs from that era, garnered a dedicated fan base. In , Quality Games launched a Kickstarter with the same designers and more designing a 2nd edition of the game. In Lex Arcana, players take on the role of Custodes in the Cohors Auxiliara Arcana, an organization of troubleshooters for the empire. They are part of the praetorian guard, which has survived in this alternate history longer than its real world counterpart, and their duty is to investigate the supernatural happenings in the empire. One player, the Demiurge, takes on the role of the game master, providing adventure in this alternate Roman Empire that did not fall.


Lex Arcana 2nd Edition – the most famous Italian RPG is coming back!

Two of those names leap out at me. Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello. Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello are a hugely talented pair that game publishers are eager to sign up. Of course, they would go back to Lex Arcana, with a Kickstarter, and produce a new version for It contains a very light rules summary and then a lovely detailed adventure. I would suggest the production value and length of this free PDF download exceeds that of some of the roleplaying game supplements you would expect to hand over ten or more dollars to secure.


Lex Arcana RPG


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