This catalog will help you to select and order the AC drive you need quickly and easily. It features: Static frequency inverters for controlling three-phase AC motors Accessories for assembling and connecting the inverters Application examples Order forms. Intelligent drives in automation Application intelligence is the feature which sets the Global Drive controller apart. When used in machines, it offers designers enormous potential for reducing costs.

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Lenze Vector Manual - Northern Industrial. Contentsi1 Preface. Contentsi7 Parameter setting. Contentsi12 Accessories overview. Preface and general informationContents11 PrefaceContents1. The System Manual is the basis for the description of the vectorfrequency inverter. The required documentation canbe ordered at your Lenze sales partner or downloaded as PDF file fromthe Internet. Material number Version Description.

Cn: 6. Error corrections 3. Complete revision for software version 7. Preface and general informationLegal regulations Any other use shall be deemed as inappropriate! Claims on modifications referring to controllersand components which have already been supplied cannot be derived fromthe information, illustrations, and descriptions. The specifications, processes, and circuitry described in this System Manual are for guidance only and must be adapted to your own specific application.

Lenze does not take responsibility for the suitability of the process and circuitproposals. The specifications in this System Manual describe the product featureswithout guaranteeing them. Warranty claims must be made to Lenze immediately after detecting thedeficiency or fault. The warranty is void in all cases where liability claims cannot be made.

Preface and general informationNotes used MeaningDanger of personal injury through dangerouselectrical voltage. Reference to an imminent danger that may result indeath or serious personal injury if the correspondingmeasures are not taken.

Danger of personal injury through a general source ofdanger. Danger of property damage. Reference to a possible danger that may result inproperty damage if the corresponding measures arenot taken. Pictograph and signal wordWarnings! Possibly the drive system is not operated incompliance with UL if the corresponding measures arenot taken.

Safety instructionsContents22 Safety instructionsContents2. Safety instructionsGeneral safety information The documentation contains specific notes with regard to UL. Disregarding the following basic safety measures may lead tosevere personal injury and damage to material assets! Surfaces can be hot. The procedural notes and circuit details provided in this document areproposals which the user must check for suitability for his application. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for the suitability of thespecified procedures and circuit proposals.

In particular observe the section "Operatingconditions" in the chapter "Technical data". Duringhandling neither bend components, nor change the insulationdistances. Thus, electroniccomponents and contacts must not be touched unless ESD measuresare taken beforehand. Additional notes are included in the documentation. BGV 3. The system or machine manufacturer is responsible forcompliance with the limit values required by EMC legislation. These products may cause radiointerference in residential areas.

If this happens, the operator may needto take appropriate action. In particularobserve that for example control cabinet doors preferably have acircumferential metallic connection to the housing. Reduce openings orcutouts through the housing to a minimum. The notes on the safety functions provided in the documentation of theversions must be observed.

Under these operating conditions, thecooling surfaces and air vents must be cleaned at regular intervals. Never use sharp objects for this purpose! Please observe the correspondingnotes on the device. Ensure professional disposal ofassembled PCBs. Safety instructionsThermal motor monitoringDescription From software version 8. You can set different reactions with two adjustable trigger thresholds. The motor load is displayed in C Please see the rated data of the motor for thevalue or ask the manufacturer of the motor.

Safety instructionsResidual hazards Thereforealways wear personal protective equipment body protection,headgear, eye protection, ear protection, hand guard when working onthe controller when it is live. This ensures that thecontroller is inhibited and all control terminals have the defined state"LOW". The drive variants Vxx4 areequipped with this function.

Technical dataContents33 Technical dataContents3. Technical dataGeneral data and operating conditions Operation only permitted with the device variantsV or V Operation permitted without restrictions withinsulated neutral. Observe instructions on specific measures!

Limitation of harmonic currentsTotal output at themainsCompliance with therequirements 1 1 kW Without additionalmeasures.

Technical dataOpen and closed loop control Technical dataSafety relay KSR AC switching capacity VAMax. Technical dataOperation with rated power normal operation Rated data for V mains voltage When the max. Technical dataOperation with increased rated powerRated data for V mains voltage Typical applications are pumps with quadratic load characteristic or fan. During operation withincreased rated power, the switching frequency is reduced to 2 kHz.

Technical dataCurrent characteristics Installing of the standard deviceContents44 Installation of the standard deviceContents4.

Installing of the standard deviceStandard devices in the power range 0. All vector frequency inverters are approved according toULC. To maintain the guaranteed features, controllers in"cold plate" must be mounted by the user. For this reason, thesefrequency inverters have the marking UR instead of UL. The values arevalid for controller operation under rated conditions. Installing of the standard deviceStandard devices in the power range Remove the cover of the drive controller1. Remove the screws 2.

Dimensionsaa1Lbd1 d2 d3 d2db1c1ge1hhc2ec3Fig. Installing of the standard deviceStandard devices with a power of 45 kWImportant notes Dimensionsaa1Lbdd2 d2 d2b1d1hc1ge1hc2c3ec4Fig. Installing of the standard deviceStandard devices in the power range of 55 kWImportant notes Removing the fan moduleFig. Remove both screws. The screws connect the fans to the supply voltage. Remove the 4 screws for fixing the fan module on each side.

Pull back the fan module and carefully remove it to the top. Make sure that the threaded sleeves do not touch the housing edge. Theymay break off. Modifying the threadedsleeves on the fan moduleFig. Remove the threaded sleeves. Remove the cable lugs of the two red connecting cables and plug themin again on the diagonally arranged side. Remove the cable lugs of the two blue connecting cables and plugthem in again on the diagonally arranged side. Place the fan module onto the controller.

Insert the lugs at the backinto the base plate.


Lenze 9300 Vector Manual - Northern Industrial

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