Este manual trata sobre los elementos generales de un generador diesel de la El grupo electrogeno diesel KIPOR reune sus requerimientos, siempre que se. Kipor generator has ease of use, with an easy electric key start that uses an electronic Single cylinder vertical 4-stroke air-cooled direct injection diesel engine. Diesel generating set will meet The exhaust oil from generator must be stored in container. KDE series generating set are equipped with low oil warming system. Machine is the special diesel generator for ground application.

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HFV4 12V 20A. Ignition switch. Charging adjustor. Automatic voltage adjustor. Current transformer. Emergency stop button. Flywheel generator winding. Exciting winding. Fuse link. Four line fuse box. Fuse extend 6X Throttle electric magnet. AC contactor. ATS module. Digital display.

Digital module. AVR Digital. Thank you for purchasing Kipor diesel generators. Please read this manual before using the generator set to ensure the proper operation. Follow the instructions to keep your generator set in the best working condition and extend the life of it. If you have any commends or problem, please contact with our sales company or the authorized agent.

However, the manual may vary with the development of the products in the future. Please give special attentions to warnings and cautions. Indicates that the severe personal injury even death will result if the instructions are not followed.

Indicates that the serious personal injury or equipment damage will result if the instructions are not followed. KIPOR diesel generator set will meet your requirement if you operate it according to the manual instruction.

Otherwise serious personal injury and equipment damage will result. So, KIPOR reconfirms that you must to read and understand this manual before operating the generator set. Three phases. Honda or European style. Secondary winding. Safety Information. Wipe off the overflowed fuel with a clean cloth. Keep explosives and other flammable products away from the generator set. To prevent the fire and to provide adequate ventilation, keep the generator set. Operate the generator set on a level surface.

Do not put the generator set indoors while the engine is hot. Never use the generator set at the confined places or poor ventilated locations. If it's necessary to run the generator set indoors, be sure to provide the adequate ventilation. To avoid electric shocks or short circuits, do not touch the generator set when your hands are wet. This generator set is not waterproof, so it should not be used in a place exposed to rain snow or water sprays. Use the generator set in.

The generator set should be grounded to prevent electrical shocks from faulty. Connect a length of heavy wires between the generator sets ground terminal and an external ground source. Do not hook up tools or other apparatus to generator set before it has been started. If equipment is attached, generator starting may cause sudden movements of the equipment and result in injuries and accidents.

Be sure to disconnect any apparatus from the generator set or prior to starting. Most appliance motors require more than their rated. Do not exceed the specified current limit of any socket. This could cause damage to the generator set and to electrical appliances in the house. Do not connect the. Battery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid. Protect your eyes, skin and clothing.

In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water and get prompt medical attention, especially if your eyes are affected. Batteries generate hydrogen gas, which can be highly explosive.

Do not smoke or allow flames or sparks near a battery, especially during charging. Charge the battery in a fully ventilated place. Main Technical Specifications and Data 2. Parts Name 3. Preparation for Starting 4. Start the Generator Set 5. Operate the Generator Set. Stop the Generator Set. Periodic Checks and Service 9.

Long-term Storage Troubleshooting and Remedy Electric diagram and wiring diagram. BeiYu electric appliance. DC12V 8. User charging winding. Single-phase diesel generator. NOTE: A is digital panel. Three-Phase diesel generator.

Three phase four line,"Y" connection. Diesel:0 summer , winter , cold. V style. Two cylinder. Phase NO. Continous running time h. Fuel tank capacity L. Overall dimension: L. Rated frequency. Insulation Grade. Cylinder NO. Displacement L. Compression ratio. Starting system. Rated output. Rated voltage. Rated current. Power factor. Pole number. Working type. Engine Model. Engine Type. Fuel type. Lube oil brand. Structure type. Oil filler cap.


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