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Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Spiritual. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. To get the most out of your tarot reading, I first need you to focus your intention - this concentrates the energy on the universe to answer the questions that you most desire the answers for.

Yes, stop for 10 seconds, close your eyes, and focus your energy on ONE key problem Ready? Okay, let's proceed. James Branch Gout issues? Try this all natural remedy today..

Show More. Brhane Tsegay. Gizawet Asrat. Tekleweini Major. Reem Gebremeskel. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Its main objective is to train theIts main objective is to train theIts main objective is to train theIts main objective is to train the public Geez chants and to assist thepublic Geez chants and to assist thepublic Geez chants and to assist thepublic Geez chants and to assist the public participate during Qidassie.

To research and develop chant tutorialsTo research and develop chant tutorialsTo research and develop chant tutorialsTo research and develop chant tutorials and training tools. In quietness and in fear we stand up and pray that the peace of God be with me and with all of you.

People: Amen 8. Thy walls are embroidered with Topaz. Peace be unto, our mother, O honorable church. Of all the sun is seen. The cross shined and had the heavens embroidered with stars. Let him not question whether he will be outcast from the multitudes if he was to enter into the worship of God.

Blessed is he who does blessed deeds and honors the Sabbath 2- 75 If there be any one of the faithful that hath entered the church at the time of Mass and hath not heard the holy scriptures and has not waited until they finish the prayer of the Mass, This the Apostles have taught us in their cannons. Priest: May God hear thee in all that thou has asked and accept thy sacrifice and offering like the sacrifice of Our Father … Let us therefore pray unto Him that the Almighty Lord our God keep us in this holy day and all the days of our life in all peace.

Priest: Peace be unto you all. Deacon: Pray for them who bring an oblation. Priest Lord our God who art Almighty, we pray Thee and beseech Thee for them that bring an oblation within the one holy universal church, a sacrifice, first-fruits, tithes, a thank offering, a memorial, whether much or little, in secret or openly, and for those who wish to Thy acceptance of their ready mind grant Thou unto every one; let the recompense of blessing be a portion to all of them: through Thy only begotten Son, through whom to Thee with Him and with the Holy Spirit be glory and dominion, both now and ever and world without end.

We now pray and beseech of Thine excellent goodness, O lover of man, make Thy face to shine upon this bread, and upon this cup, which we have set upon this spiritual ark of Thine: And change this bread to become Thy pure body, and what is mingled in this cup to become Thy precious blood, let them be offered for us all for healing and for the salvation of our soul and our body and our spirit. Now again we pray and entreat of Thy goodness lover of man, on behalf of these Thy servants and handmaids, my fathers and my brothers and my sisters, O good lover of man and Lord of all creation, grant us, O Lord, forgiveness of our sins, bless us and purify us and set us free and absolve all Thy people and fill us with the fear of Thy name, and establish us in the doing of Thy holy will.

May Thy servants who serve on this day, the priest and the deacon and the clergy and all the people, and I myself thy poor servant, be absolved and set free Serverus and St.

Dioscorus and St. Athanasius and St. John Chrysostom and St. Cyril and St. Gregory and St. Basil: and out of the mouths of the orthodox that assembled in Nicaea to condemn Arius, For our congregation we beseech, that God may keep us unto the end in the Communion of the Holy Spirit. For patience of soul we beseech, that God may vouchsafe us perfect patience in all our tribulation For the holy prophets we beseech, that God may number us with them.

For the Holy martyrs we beseech, that God may grant us to perfect the same conversation. For the widows and the bereaved we beseech, that God may hear their prayers and vouchsafe them abundantly in their hearts the grace of the Holy Spirit and accept their labor.

For the virgins we beseech, that God may grant them the crown of virginity, For those who suffer patiently we beseech, that God grant them to receive their rewards through patience.

For the laity and faithful we beseech, that God may grant them complete faith which they may keep in purity. For our leaders we beseech, that God may vouchsafe them much peace in their days For the whole world we beseech, that God should hasten His purpose and put into the mind of all and each to desire that which is good and expedient For the hungry and the thirsty we beseech, that God should grant them their daily food.

For the captives, we beseech, that God may restore them to their county in peace. For those who were sent away we beseech, that God should grant them complete reward for their labor. For those who have fallen asleep in his holy church we beseech, that God may vouchsafe them a place to rest. For the rains we beseech, that God may send rain on the place that needs it. For the fruits of the earth we beseech, that God may grant to the earth her fruit for sowing and for harvest.

Let us draw high and ask God to accept our prayers according to His will. For the sad and the sorrowful we beseech, that God may give them perfect consolation For the sick and the diseased we beseech, that God should heal them speedily and send upon them mercy and compassion. Let us draw high and ask Lord God to accept our prayers according to His will.

Stand up for prayer. Lord have mercy upon us. The world passeth away and the lust thereof, for all is passing. Full the great and exalted is the word of God, and it hath increased in the holy church, and many are they that believe in out Lord Jesus Christ to whom be glory, world without end.

Amen He whom she bare came and saved us. O come let us worship Him and keep His commandments that He may forgive us our sins. To Zacharias the priest was given chosen incense. Have mercy upon us. He died and trampled death under foot. He gave the life of eternal rest to those who were in the grave. Kidan-2 Amen and Amen, so be it, so be it. Our Father who art in Heaven.


Ethiopian Orthodox Church Liturgy (Kidase) (CD)




ICE 2B0565 PDF




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