Polecam, polecam, polecam! Sklep bardzo fajny, pomocny i szybki. Jestem zadowolona ze sklepu i przeprowadzonej transakcji. Polecam sklep z czystym sumieniem. Na pewno skorzystam jeszcze nie jeden raz Become a sport legend.

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Polecam, polecam, polecam! Sklep bardzo fajny, pomocny i szybki. Jestem zadowolona ze sklepu i przeprowadzonej transakcji. Polecam sklep z czystym sumieniem.

Na pewno skorzystam jeszcze nie jeden raz Become a sport legend. Darmowy fragment:. Pobranie w. Rodzaj pliku. The vision is an inspiration for the fighter. The desire and willpower changes it into reality - D. By defeating your Ego you will come to understand that you were the only obstacle standing in your way to discovering the truth. Who you are, your talents, trainings and accomplishments depend on you entirely.

Become a legend. A real fighter will not give up until the last drop of blood has been shed. Spartan training is a real test of willpower. Where other people see adversity, the fighter sees a challenge. Self-control and self-improvement are his virtues. Discover the secrets of the power of the mind, which are key to efficient training and success in the sport of the future. Great internal metamorphoses of world athletes inspired the creation of this book. It is dedicated to professional athletes, their parents and trainers.

What is this book about? Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. The author unveils the secrets of the mind that have not been described until now; those that have a direct influence on the effectiveness of training programs and results achieved in sport. He also proves that the most important qualities of distinguished athletes are hard work, willpower, fighting spirit and the desire that is driven by the overriding goal - dreams coming true.

What will you learn and what will you achieve if you take over the control of your mind? You will: Adopt an entirely new personality - you can literally choose your character qualities.

Harness your emotions - no more self-destructive thoughts, emotions and habits. Sustain the state of perfection - an intuitive state of mind which brings out the best of you. Practice with intention - a fast way to develop technical and physical skills. Get addicted to hard work - unwavering motivation and determination to do Spartan work-outs.

Discover massive self-confidence - typical of prominent athletes. Begin your quest for greatness It is now faith, vision, desire, willpower and pursuit of perfection that set out new boundaries.

Welcome to my world, where the impossible does not exist. The author of "The impossible - Defeat your Ego. Live unbound", which has been translated into five languages. A prominent athlete himself - he has collected more than 20 medals in national championships and has been victorious on national and international podium times in his career. Currently Dawid is working as a sport and mental trainer, as well as a tennis coach, and is also engaged in cooperation with national team representatives of various sports on a world and Olympic level.

Driven by the desire to improve the quality of life in all possible aspects, he has created a unique method for multidimensional development and self-improvement. The impressive internal metamorphoses of his athletes even after one session has inspired him to write the book.

Twoja ocena: 1 2 3 4 5. Defeat your ego. Live unbound mobi epub Because of desire to experience and explore what we really are capable of. By discovering it, you will be on the horns of dilemma - who you would like to be and what you want to Pokonaj ego. Ego vs Ja. Anyszka Polecam, polecam, polecam!

Joanna Sklep bardzo fajny, pomocny i szybki. Frau Sonne Jestem zadowolona ze sklepu i przeprowadzonej transakcji.

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