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In , Digitrax made it available again through Amazon. Most of the contents of the book are available at no charge on the Digitrax website and Tech Support Depot. Digitrax transponding does not require the replacement or modification of existing control equipment or infrastructure. Is it possible to configure the PM42 for auto reversing without a Digitrax throttle? We're accustomed to working in the Digitrax operating environment, so our answer is theoretical at best. However, it would seem that any operating software with a LocoNet interface could be used to set the PM42 address, using the software as a throttle in this situation.

Simpler decoders access only a few of these CVs, while advanced decoders access many, if not all, of these CVs. A: Yes. If you want to add transponding to a decoder that does not have the feature, add TL1 or TF4 to the decoder. Some non-Digitrax decoders that use supersonic features are not compatible with transponding unless you switch off the supersonic feature. Digitrax supersonic decoders are compatible with transponding and can be used in supersonic mode while transponding.

All current production Digitrax decoders are transponder equipped. Older Digitrax decoders models without transponders and decoders made by manufacturers that don't support transponding can add transponding by installing a TL1 or TF4 to the locomotive.

Note: Upgrading to Digitrax from Lenz doesn't have to mean purchasing all new equipment! This app note shows you how to salvage some of your Lenz equipment when you move up to Digitrax! The sound in your decoder shuts down after you stop it and you are not using a Digitrax system for control. In this case after the CV11 timeout elapses 6 second factory default setting for SoundFX decoders , sound will shut down. This would leave the sound in the locomotive on until you remove power from the loco.

Digitrax command stations continue to refresh locomotives by periodically sending packets to them as long We have become aware of another product of a similar name that may cause our customers some confusion. Circuitron makes an automatic reversing unit called the AR-1 that is used for automatic reversing of analog powered trains.

The Digitrax AR1 is not the same device and does not work in the same way. Includes 3 Signal Masts that can be used as Signal Mast Bases in any scale or can be painted and detailed and used as N-scale signal masts.

Making these circuit boards look like signals is easy, just paint the mast silver and the heads black be sure not to cover the LED with paint , then add targets and hoods for a reasonable facsimile of a signal.

Another option is to cut off the circuit board mast from the base and attach a signal from another manufacturer. In the case of some supersonic decoders made by other DCC companies that are not transponding compatible, you will need to turn off the supersonic feature when you want to use transponding.

What about other DCC systems? Will Digitrax work in an outdoor setting to control LGB, Bachmann, and Aristocraft engines on a small layout, possibly in a 20 x 20 area? What starter set would you recommend to run in the area stated?

I would like wireless operation. Digitrax will work in that environment, with the same warnings that are associated with all other electrically powered devices and outdoor model railroads that use track power. The command systems must be protected from moisture, the track must be clean and the stationary decoders are not weatherproof.

Wireless operation can be either infrared or radio, with radio being This example shows a wiring diagram for an AC universal motor with two-wire field coil. For this type of motor you must add a bridge rectifier to control the polarity to the motor's field coil. This type of motor is found in AC locos built from the s through today. Half of the coil is used The FIND function lets you see the zone location of transponders on the layout in your throttle display. The loco or other rolling stock that you want to track must have a transponder installed.

This can be either a transponding decoder or a stand alone transponder. This Application note shows how Marklin Users can have the power and reliability of Digitrax boosters along with their Marklin command stations! Notes: 1. This forces the DB into the booster mode when the power is applied to it. Make a cable with 6 conductor RJ12 cable with a 6 conductor male plug on the DB end and I own a Digitrax Starter Set that is now discontinued. Can I still use it and can it be upgraded?

LocoNet lets you use all Digitrax LocoNet components in your system no matter when you purchased them. You can continue to use what you already own with new components as they become available. If you have a Challenger Set and you want to move up, the best thing to do is to purchase one of the new sets and use the DB series booster that came with your Challenger as The PM42 can be used as a stand alone Auto reversing unit and Short Circuit Manager with many other non-Digitrax systems, but for systems without LocoNet capability a number of networked management features will not be available.

For example, the PM42 sends out real-time, event driven non-polled information to the LocoNet about fault problems and resolution, auto reverse actions and also identifies the affected sub-districts. There may be a issues related to programming with these decoders that require special attention.

Please consult the decoder instructions for the particular locomotive to determine if any special steps are necessary in your particular situation.

Digitrax SoundFX decoders will automatically operate on smooth DC power unless analog mode conversion has been disabled. The sound will not start until approximately 5 volts is applied to the track. I want the top of the line Digitrax Set. Which one should I buy? Transponding is proprietary technology of Digitrax Inc. Transponding works with existing DCC compatible layouts.

RailCom is proprietary technology of Lenz Elecktronik. This is sometimes referred to as "bi-directional communication. The two methods are not compatible, they do not use the same technology. Earlier Digitrax decoders require resetting each CV individually.

It offers: speed step control Smooth deceleration to stop before changing direction when locomotive is reversed Torque compensation for the smoothest operation ever Momentum with acceleration and deceleration settings Set normal direction of travel for your loco Switching speed feature for quick access to slower switching speeds Simple 3 step speed tables are easy to set up Advanced 28 step speed tables with level resolution Series 3 decoders have smooth scaleable speed stabilization feature.

Smooth deceleration to stop before changing direction when locomotive is reversed. No sudden, non-prototypical stops! Torque compensation for the smoothest operation ever. Momentum with acceleration and deceleration settings. Set normal direction of travel for your loco.

Switching speed feature for quick access to slower switching speeds. Simple 3 step speed tables are easy to set up. Advanced 28 step speed tables with level resolution. Scaleable speed stabilization feature.

We have a number of customers who are running Digitrax alongside their existing block detection circuitry. There are numerous block detection schemes and circuits, and we cannot cover all the variations here. Generally, it is necessary to isolate the block detector power supply and ground system of your existing block detector system from that of the Digital boosters. The most common detectors use "back to back" high current diodes to sense block current-draw.

Detectors with "opto-isolated" or relay outputs will generally have no problem sensing current draw of a loco, etc. Will these function on standard DC power? There are some that do not want this feature, and it can be disabled by setting CV If so, how? Early on, Digitrax recognized that locomotives are sometimes operated in DC environments, and the conversion feature was built into the firmware.

In practice, those Digitrax Command Stations can operate one locomotive on your layout that does not have a decoder installed. To operate an analog locomotive with Digitrax you will use address 00 to send commands to the locomotive. The magic that makes this happen is called zero stretching. With Zero Stretching, an analog locomotive going forward receives an unusually long positive voltage, followed by a very short negative voltage.

The much larger positive voltage ensures the locomotive moves forward. This method Install BDL16 series occupancy detector s. Add RX4 transponder receivers to the zones you want to set up for transponding. You won't need to cover every detection section on the railroad for effective coverage and reporting. Some areas will be detection only sections while others will have full transponding as needed.

If you have decoders System architecture is the biggest difference among DCC systems, the way the components of a DCC system communicate among themselves.

LocoNet wiring is cost effective, flexible and expandable to accommodate almost anything you want to do with your railroad today and in the future. System ExpansionHere are some of the expansion possibilities available with LocoNet. This crane is fully controllable by your Digitrax system. The crane itself turns degrees, the boom raises and lowers, the hook raises and lowers.


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