The human cost of an illiterate society thesis Sadly not all of us have the ability to do what most if not all of us who are lucky to be literate, take for granted. One lifestyle is where America is more focused on the literate world. What is the human cost of an illiterate society thesis his subject? Illitracy Problems in America is illiteracy. Kozol presents his argument by looking into a wide range of effects, or costs, of illiteracy both for society and the individual Kozol 1. Kozol says that illiteracy undermines democracy in the custom reflective essay ghostwriters site for masters US since most illiterates ….

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Log in or register to write something here or to contact authors. But, as Kozol points out, an illiterate would have no idea what this means. There is only one point to this essay, and that is that illiterate s cannot and never will be able to function efficiently within a western society.

The illustrations that Kozol gives provide an accurate portrait of the life illiterates live on a day-to-day basis. In the United States alone, research states that there are nearly 16 million people suffering from the lack of the ability to read.

These people have trouble voting, understanding instructions, helping their children with homework, travel ing, eating at restaurants and even taking care of their own finances. They are left at the will of society, in the hands of social worker s and welfare employees. They are guided by caseworkers that they do not trust and often, for a good reason.

They become trapped in the places they grew up in, able only to take the roads they know by heart. Eating out becomes a chore, as they cannot read menus.

Even cooking in their own homes comes at a price. They have small salaries but become nearly forced to buy products only on basis of brand recognition. There are many legal hassles that affect the daily lives of the illiterates as well. From their inability to understand legal documents and jargon to the uneducated and popularity vote that they will cast each November during political elections, illiterates will face a harsh life in a democracy.

The votes they cast on ballots are often based on the smile or charm of a candidate. At best you can assume they got their information from the television , but newspapers and magazines can never be a source for political information.

Kozol even goes as far to address the theory that if more illiterates had been at the polls with accurate information, Ronald Reagan would never have been president. All of this leads to a life of dull experiences, tastes, and overall existence. Trapped in a world they grew up in, destined to be behind the rest of society, working dead end job s and living in the same neighborhood they were raised in.

Okay, let's start over now. This essay was written in Fast forward two decades and this is how I see it: Twenty years ago, being illiterate was less of a crime than it seems today. With the dependency upon technology and education, it is even harder to live as an illiterate. While the issue of travel has been solved by a numbered interstate system, as well as visual landmarks, and the problem with cooking can easily be solved by training, illiteracy is a still a dangerous disability.

You may be able to function, but you will never be able to get ahead. In today's day and age, there is no excuse for being illiterate. One can find programs at almost any junior college or high school to help with adult illiteracy. Work Cited : Kozol, Jonathan. Joseph Kelly. New York: Norton, I bought a bookstore Your social security check is late!

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Find the Cost of Freedom. Americans don't speak English.



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The Human Cost of An Illiterate Society

By establishing a sympathetic tone, Kozol effectively. He brings to light the troubles illiterates go through right from the beginning, and takes repeated stabs at the way they function, and how it brings extreme troubles. Kozol effectively educates and exploits the overlooked troubles of being illiterate, by providing examples of. As soon as humans walked the earth, since the beginnings of time, learning was the most vital in order to survive. This was, and still is today, the most important part of adaptation, problem-solving, and creation of life itself. Without it, our society would never move forward and humanity would never advance. Undeniably, education is the start of everything in life itself meaning that it continuously surrounds every aspect of life.

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