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Language: English. Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. Card to Wallet. Language: English 90 entries. This publication has been reviewed by Karl Fulves Verbatim , Issue 4, , p. D ata entered by Denis Behr. Wallet Wallop. Sleight of Hand Method.

Bandit Card to Wallet. Not Banded. Knees Up. Double Wallop. Endelss Combinations. Howie's Handling. Card in Wallet. Giant Card to Wallet. French Moroccan Card to Wallet. E-Z plus Signed Card to Wallet. The Fan Top Change. The E. With a double Climax. Miscellaneous and Theory. The Lapel Ruse. Kelly Placement Application. The Better Pocket. A Phil Willmarth Idea. Berg's Super Wallet. Card to Wallet - Himber Note Pad. Signed Card to Wallet. Himber Wallet. Sho-Gun Wallet. Repeat Card to Wallet.

The "M"Wallet. Out of Sight Card Wallet. It's the Reel Thing. Thunder and Lightning. Stealth Mercury Fold. E-Z Card in Wallet. Card Index Wallet. LePaul Wallet. Cards to Sealed Envelope. Sneaky Card to Pocket - How Else? Sleeve Card. Double Back Tip. Card between stapled File Cards.

Baxter's "LEWT". One for the Money. External Loading Guide. Magnet Steal. Mullica Wallet. Mullica Wallet Variation. Mullica Wallet - The Demo Routine. Mullica Transposition. The Dream Card Revisited. Signed Card in Wallet. Mullica Plus Prediction. Two for Mullica. Switching with the Himber Wallet.

Card to Wallet with the Himber Wallet. The Ed Brown Wallet. Bendix Bombshell Wallet. A Roy Roth Alternative. Marlo Variation of Bendix Presentation. Two Selections and a Wallet. The Wallet Game.

Marlo'S Wallet Combination. The Roy A. Roth Bombshell Routine. The Aenigma Bombshell Routine. Bendix Bombshell for Cabaret. A Better Bendix. Bendix Bombshell Himber Wallet. Balducci Wallet. The Working Performer. Into the Case "Magical Lee". The Pocket Secret-Ary. Pocket Secret-Ary Stand up Handling. Card Rise from Wallet Magical Lee.

In Case - Any Wallet. In Case - Sho Gun Wallet. In Case - Himber Wallet. In Case - No Signature. Signed Wallet to Card Case. The Joker and the Wallet. A Porous Wallet. Case of Identity. Wallet to Card.


Magic Methods

Magic by over 40 magicians! Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators. The trick has been featured by famous magical entertainers and technicians alike. Card to Wallet-The Book is devoted exclusively to this classic magic effect!


Card to Wallet

Details: The Card to Wallet effect is one of the strongest possible close-up effects with cards. Properly performed, it is incomprehensible to spectators. Ungimmicked wallets are featured in one large chapter of the book. Methods described range from those requiring virtually no skill to more advanced methods that require familiarity with basic card handling methods. This is repeated!


Magic Tricks

A professional-caliber mind-reading system that works through the internet. Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6.

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