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I'm struggling with preferences with no real idea of relative cost between them. Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a view of the order of howdens kitchen in terms of cost.

For example, looking at the burford cream, glendevon cream and Greenwich gloss cream. But have no idea which is more expensive thn the other Any help greatly appreciated Steve. WLM21 Forumite 1. A couple of years ago, we were all set on getting a Howdons kitchen. I worked in the building trade and knew they were good quality.

They come already assembled too. Many builders use Howdons They are good, but their showrooms are really just wee small trade counters, so you are not able to see everything in action.

Pupnik Forumite posts. If you pick up one of their brochures the ones at the front are the most expensive, with the cheap flatpacks at the back and everything else in between. Pop along to one of their stores and have a look at the doors and compare - Glendevon cream and Greenwich gloss cream are near identical when you look at them but Glendevon has a thicker, heavier door with a wrapped coating. They have the exact same finish so look the same when closed but when you open them you can tell Glendevon is the more expensive double the price, I believe Not sure where Burford fits in.

The glendevon cream will be the most expensive, the Greenwich cream, the least expensive. I have just priced the same kitchen on both the glendevon and the Greenwich and the difference was In the region of app. Eat vegetables and fear no creditors, rather than eat duck and hide. Does anyone have any idea on the price of the white gloss integrated handle units from Howdens? I've got a howdens kitchen.

You can't make an appointment with a rep direct as they don't sell direct you need to go through your fitter but if you contact howdens they should tell you the fitters they supply to. Howdens will not quote you direct they quote to the fitter, but in my case I was lucky as the fitter agreed he didn't mind me dealing direct with them he didn't make any profit on the units I don't know about magnet units but one thing to consider is Howdens units are not flat packed so therefore makes the fitting cheaper.

Howdens do have a trade counter you can visit and they will have examples of all the doors, worktops and handles they supply so you can play around with the combinations to see which you like best.

I found them very helpful, the only slight issue I had was I live in a small house and had to find space to stack the units when they delivered for a few days before the fitter could start work. Have brochure but they don't give prices, need to go through fitter for that. Waiting for quote from fitter, he has said he does not add to trade prices but I guess we won't know that.

Was just really wondering the price of a unit to give me some idea. RS Forumite 33 posts. If you do get to see a howdens quote they have massive rrps and big discounts. Have you tried speaking to the Howden's rep? I had a kitchen from them a couple of months ago, when the rep came out he was quite good in terms of suggesting the cheaper alternatives with respect to apparently similar sinks etc.

It's a fairly modest house and we quite good for not over selling etc. They also unexpectedly sent me the full cost breakdown after the builder had to make a minor mod. It was attached to the revised plans so not sure if it was a mistake.


Howdens kitchen - relative costs

As a proud British business, we build all our kitchen cabinets, laminate worktops, breakfast bars, upstands and backboards in the UK. We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing sites — one in Howden, East Yorkshire, and the other in Runcorn, Cheshire. Find out more about our commitment to UK manufacturing on our Why Howdens page. All our products require professional installation and that is why we only sell to trade professionals. As such, the final price for the supply and installation of a kitchen is agreed between you and your builder. Read our pricing policy to find more details about our pricing. You can rest assured that you are purchasing a high-quality kitchen from us, which comes with a year cabinet guarantee.


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