Serial Number. Production date. Chamber Capacity. Sterilization Temp Range. Maximum Pressure.

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Autoclaves We introduce our unique lineup of high-pressure steam sterilizers. Incubators We provide a wide range of Incubators in both applications and capacities. News Exhibition New Products Others. Installation Conditions etc Installation Conditions Option. Retort Sterilizer Advantages of use Cooking examples. Color touch panel Electro-mechanical lid lock system Memory function Dual interlock mechanism Lid lock release temperature setting Air removal time setting Forced cooling unit option.

Color touch panel A color touch panel allows an operator to understand the operation screen contents at a glance. Electro-mechanical lid lock system The lid can be opened and closed easily and reliably with the one-touch lever. A pressure seal method is used as a safety measure. Dual interlock mechanism The lid is locked by dually detecting the chamber pressure and chamber temperature during operation.

The lock state is maintained even if an operation is manually interrupted. Memory function Up to 8 patterns for each mode can be registered according to the purpose of use.

The lid lock release temperature setting The lid lock release temperature can be set up for each mode or program to secure safety at the time of unloading. Air removal time setting It is effective for sterilization of Durham tubes etc.

Dual detection system of residual air The residual air which may cause sterilization failure is dually detected to always maintain the appropriate sterilization conditions for loads. Forced cooling unit option After sterilization, the chamber pressure is lowered by cooling with a forced cooling unit air-cool to shorten the time to unloading.

Programmable auto-start function It is a timer function that starts an operation at the set time. A color touch panel allows an operator to understand the operation screen contents at a glance.

Confirmation items are notified at startup. A mode can be selected simply by touching the screen. When the power is turned on, the confirmation items before use is displayed. You can reduce the trouble by implementing the confirmation items. A mode can be selected with the simple operation of tou- ching the desired mode from 5 modes displayed on the color touch panel and pressing the start button.

Color display makes it easier to understand various settings. The settings of temperature, time, warming and Exhaust can be easily changed by touch operation while checking the color screen. The set contents can be registered up to 8 patterns.

It is very convenient when sharing and using with a plurality of names. More detailed contents are shown by text information. A sterilization timer operates after the temperature of the materials to be sterilzed reaches the set temperature. Special structure reinforced film. Deodorizer for the "unpleasant odor" generated during sterilization of culture media etc. It melts smoothly in the sterilization process and exerts a deodorization effect. After sterilization, the letters "sterilized" appear and it can be easily distinguished from untreated materials.

Most of them are heat seal type, but tape seal type and aluminum plate seal type can also be available. Sterilization temperature setting. Registration and selection of memory. Various information such as settings, safety and warnings are displayed on a color screen. It is recommended to use it when using a sterilization bag. Pressure safety valve, Over-current and earth leakage breaker, Low water cut off device.

Controlled medicl device, Controlled medical device requiring special maintenance management. Service Repair consultation Request for repair Product warranty End of sale products End of support products.


Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave Sterilizer

Hirayama's top-loading autoclaves are labeled and distributed for research use only. They are fully automatic, stand-alone, microprocessor-controlled, programmable systems. All models incorporate a built-in steam generator and plug into a standard VAC or VAC power outlet, thereby eliminating costly set-up charges. Water for steam generation is poured directly into the chamber. After sterilization, steam is vented automatically into a plastic bottle in front of the autoclave. Hirayama offers 7 autoclave models to meet the sterilization needs of most biological research laboratories:. Click here to see more images.


Portable Top-Loading Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Autoclaves We introduce our unique lineup of high-pressure steam sterilizers. Incubators We provide a wide range of Incubators in both applications and capacities. A color touch panel that you can understand the operation at a glance is installed in the best-selling HV series autoclave. A one-touch lock mechanism, an interlock function that detects the pressure and temperature to lock the lid, and a number of functions such as the culture medium dissolution process are also installed as they are.



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