Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Refer to this guide for precautions, information about connecting peripheral devices, connection methods, and measurement methods.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. Table of Contents. Refer to this guide for precautions, information about connecting peripheral devices, connection methods, and measurement methods.

Displays the item selected in the drop-down Indicates operation keys. Page 9: Chapter 1 Overview 1. Need for power supply Electric power liberalization quality analysis Power electronics application devices Large arc heaters, large rectifiers Page Features 1.

Supports a variety of power lines Measures single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3- wire and three-phase 4-wire systems. An extra input channel is provided for uses such as measuring power lines of a second system, for direct voltage measurement or for mea- suring a neutral line.

Page 11 1. Page 12 1. Setting conditions and measurement data can be stored and read back using a PC Card. Page 13 1. Page 14 1. Page 16 2. Page Screen Names And Configurations 2. Page Common Display Areas 2. Page 19 2. Page 20 2. Page 21 2. Repeated recording operations can be conducted up to 99 days at one-day measuring intervals, and up to 99 weeks at one-week mea- suring intervals.

Page Screen Configurations 2. Page 23 2. You can display entire waveforms or enlarged parts of waveforms. Page 24 2. Page 25 2. Page Screen Details 2. Page 27 2. Page 28 2. You can set the following as events. Page 29 9. You can load the measured data files and settings files stored on the PC card to the , and then save them to the PC card again.

Page 30 2. Displays 10 waveforms at 50 Hz, 12 waveforms at 60 Hz, and 80 wave- forms at Hz. Page 31 2. You can display each order 1st to 50th order for harmonic analysis as a vec- tors and simultaneously display the harmonic RMS value or phase angle Page 32 2.

POWER 5. Page 33 2. GRAPH 5. Displays three bar graphs for the volt- age, current, and active power simulta- neously. The maximum, average, and mini- mum values are detected using the multiple ms interval RMS values included in the set interval, and the display changes. Page 35 2.

Voltage is calculated for one waveform shifted over half a wave. Page 36 2. Page 37 2. Page 38 2. Page 39 2. You can confirm the time and type of event that occurred. By selecting an event with the cursor, you can make a detailed analysis of the event in the VIEW Screen. Page 40 2. Signaling Displays detailed judgment results for signaling voltage, in accordance with the EN Page 41 2. Setting2 Sets the thresholds of frequency, volt- age fluctuation, flicker, unbalance fac Page 42 2.

Connect the AC adapter and power cord. Page 44 2. Connecting to the target power line. Page Connection Diagram 3. Page 46 3. Page 47 3. Page 48 3. Confirming the Connection Diagram page 45 Check the connection vectors. Checking the Connection page 47 Make system settings. Page Checking The Connection 4.

Page 52 4. When tolerance levels are set and the voltage or current falls outside these levels, check and correct the connection. Page 54 4. Tolerance levels are 2. Page Making System Settings 4. Page 57 4. Settings of the optional clamp on sensor: Select from pull- 0. Page 58 4. Page 59 4. The line-to-line voltage is pro- cessed so that the center of the triangle that created the three- phase line-to-line voltage becomes the neutral point.

Page 61 4. The selected THD calculation method is valid for both harmonic volt- Confirm age and harmonic current. Page 62 4. Page 63 4. Page 64 4. The EN Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems is a voltage-quality evaluation Confirm method used in Europe. Page Recording Settings 4. Page 67 4. Page 68 4. Press the instant the seconds are Page Event Settings Screen 4. Waveform Display page 67 Check measurement data on the vector display.

DMM Display page 73 Check measurement data with harmonics. Page 72 5. Page Waveform Display 5. Page 74 5. Confirm When you want to enlarge the waveform, make the scale larger.

Page 75 5. Vertical cursor Cursor position Scroll bar The cursor on the scroll bar indicates where the cursor is positioned on the You can read waveform instantaneous values with the saved waveform.

Page Vector Display 5. Page 77 5. Page 78 5. When you change the number of orders, the values change along with the vector. In this case, the voltage and current unbalance factors remain the same as the values calculated using the fundamental wave 1st order.


Hioki 3196 Power Quality Analyzer

No stress rentals! We help you to choose the equipment that you need, we expedite shipment, and follow up. Hioki Power Quality Analyzer No stress rentals! Display items: Amplitude and duration of swell Measurement accuracy: Same as RMS voltage Voltage dip drop in RMS voltage Measurement method: True RMS a single cycle is calculated by overlapping each half cycle The voltage between lines is measured for three phase 3-wire lines, and phase voltage is measured for three phase 4-wire lines. Inter-harmonic voltage and current Analysis window: Rectangular Analysis orders: 0. Voltage between U1, U2, and U3 without inter-channel isolation Voltage between U1 to U3 and U4 with inter-channel isolation Current input by clamp-on sensor. Simultaneous digital sampling of voltage and current PLL synchronization automatically switches to fixed clock during dropouts, so sampling is never interrupted.


Download Program for POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196



Hioki 3196 Instruction Manual



Instruction Manual


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