Raymond W. He was In addition to his achievements in the technical field, Prouty was known for his generosity and commitment in sharing his knowledge with others, in particular students and new engineers. His lectures, articles, papers and books have helped educate generations of rotorcraft engineers. He remained there until , and then worked at Sikorsky Aircraft as a helicopter aerodynamicist, -

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Please check the boxes for the options that you would like to add. Leave all boxes unchecked for unit only. Ray wrote these articles over a large time span, so in some cases, certain subjects were hit more than once. Rather than to try and cut anything out, everything is include in the three books, even when it was said more than once. Likewise, a few of the figures and photos repeat, but we think that you'll agree that the need to preserve the totality of what Ray has written should come first.

This is the most clear and comprehensive textbook about helicopter aerodynamics Ive ever read. Written by a great aerodynamicist, addressed to pilots of any level. Just a few maths, only the essential physics needed to provide a real and smooth explanation of a so complex subject. Nice book, good price. Quick Shop. Length Quantity. Your Cart. Quantity Delete. Add Options. Add to Cart. Part MFR Model The original three books were published before the computer age revolutionized the book publishing industry, and none of the original text, drawings or photos were available electronically.

In some cases, the original photos were no longer available, even from Ray's private collection, so other comparable photos were obtained from Ray. Soft Cover Pages. View in Catalog View in Catalog.


Helicopter Aerodynamics Volume I

Each week online, we will reprint a selection from those columns. If you have a favorite that you would like to see again or thoughts to share on Ray's musings, let us know. The laws of physics that govern aerodynamics do not change. Our understanding of them is somewhat improved — but not yet perfect. Three fields of endeavor have helped make us smarter since then.


Helicopter Aerodynamics Vol. 1

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