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Dear Friends and Partners,. Hager stands for sustainability and our E3 Initiative is an excellent example of this. Fully aware of our responsibility to both society and the environment, we are proud to make a contribution to the better use of the limited available resources. It is a belief that plays a vital role in all our new developments. The three Es, by the way, stand for the categories of "ethics, environment and energy".

And behind each category there is an actual catalogue of measures to which Hager is expressly committed, measures including: Investors in People certification IIP , an employee development programme; the United Nations Global Compact initiative, which the Hager Group joined in ; and the environmental standard ISO , to which most of our sites are already certified to. In this respect, ecological development and production technologies are given as much careful consideration as to the products themselves that make a contribution to make better use of the resource electricity.

Innovation, customer proximity, simplicity and reliability are the very basis of the Hager brand. We keep in close contact with our customers, regularly surveying their wishes and needs before incorporating that feedback into the development of our new systems. The same applies to this catalogue which we have designed for you as a practical tool. Why not have a browse and find out for yourself? The partner for smart solutions you can trust Hager is a full-range supplier of electrical installation systems for building, residential and commercial properties.

For decades, Hager has been synonymous with an extensive and complete offering. Highest quality, cutting-edge products, modularity, ease of installation, ease of use, excellent service and sophisticated design are the features that distinguish Hager.

Hager the supplier for professionals — is a synonym for top quality and innovative technology, as well as good customer relations and reliability. All of which make Hager the partner for smart solutions, you can trust.

It has always five years. This high degree of innovation enables the users been our goal to use new designs and improvements to stay to meet various new challenges effectively. The strong demand ahead of developments.

Based on this knowledge, Hager develops the innovative solutions that are so characteristic for the Hager brand. Ease of installation, ease of use, intuitive user interfaces, modularity and durability are brand values that guarantee highest quality throughout in Hager systems.

A flourishing group Hager belongs to the Hager Group, which is a family owned business with a more than fifty-year tradition. As a global player, the company has about 11, employees and a turnover of more than 1.

To-day, the Hager Group offers more than Safe distribution of energy, concentration Provision of energy and of communication data where they are technology. Energy Cable distribution management. As the leading specialist in the field of electrical installations residential and commercial buildings, the Hager brand provides you with everything from one source: systems and solutions — highest quality, reliable and easy to install.

Switching with style - Safety and security items Smart Building for buildings, residents automation and valuables. Building Security automation. Page No. As a specialist for housing and commercial premises enclosures, Hager provides a large range of products. Plastic or steel enclosures, flush or surface mounting, there is always a Hager solution to answer your need. Designation Cat. Designation Characteristics Cat. Designation Pack Cat. Plain Transpar. Designation Modules Row Cat.

One module white 50 1 One module light grey 1 P - P 1 row 24 module white JP Mounting on insulating support at both end of the chassis 1. The small enclosure is easily and swiftly mounted and offers space for a large number of modular devices. Thanks to a patented covenient cable management system, cables can be laid safely and swiftly.

Expert tips 1 5 Convenient cable Easily-accessible DIN rail management mounting saves time and Clean and easy wiring thanks to effort patented, integrated fixation for DIN rail can be swiftly mounted-.

The screwed fixture is out- side the modular device area providing easy access. Quick-fixing screws can not get lost. More space behind the DIN rails Symmetrical door installation; facilitates installation of insulated door hinges can be mounted on wires. Wall box clear cable management are depth and cover can be installed either included, cable-retaining clips - DIN profile for modular devices way up. Distribution boards manufactured from plastic material.

IEC 60 Designation Type of Pack Cat. Surface mounted distribution Distribution boards manufactured Components included box from 1 to 4 rows, from 4 to from plastic material. Distance between the DIN and trucking. For the wall niche, these dimensions are minimal. For hollow wall, the cavity wall section should be: Ref.

E F VF Depth must always be 72 mm min. IP40 surface mounting The enclosures feature a The door is also reversible with enclosures with transparent or removable chassis with DIN rails an integral flush handle. Ref qty. Key lock Supplied with 2 keys 1 VZ Replaces original catch. New generation volta flush enclosures For installation under plaster and in hollow wall mounting When building or renovating residential buildings, compact solutions are often required for electrical and multimedia installations.

Expert tips 1 5 Larger upper and lower By pressing in the screw connection areas in the cavity wall anchor Offering more space for termi- The levers swivel outwards and nals and wiring. The wall sleeve. For cable management and Pre-punched segments on the retaining clamps. Simply turn to secure or release. It can be mm installation depth can be used for aligning. Enclosures manufactured from insulated material. Frame and door manufactured from metal. Reversible door. Outside w. IP65 enclosures orion plus One system for indoor and outdoor application Sheet steel or glass reinforced polyester - the orion plus enclosures are suited for harshest conditions and can be applied for wet and mechanical use.

Even under chemical use, orion plus offers the ideal solution with glass reinforced polyester. The interior equipment can be realized flexibly via mounting plate or DIN rail in 2 different versions and thus offers the suitable interior equipment system - both for the application in automation and for classical current distribution.

Expert tips 1 4 Front plates adjustable in Reversible door depth Doors can be mounted on the Thanks to slides. Designation Characteristics No. FLA h. Key lock Key lock to be mounted FL96Z on the triangular lock. Kit for connection to earth For metal enclosures FLA. Vertical connection kit FLA. These enclosures feature : - Plain door equipped with one or two locks with triangular 8mm centres, located out of FLB the sealed area, gasket directly moulded on the door.

Designation Characteristics No of Cat. FLB h. Designation Characteristics Dimensions Cat. FLB L. Adjustment slides 4 slides delivered with screws FLA For assembly of the plates on depth. Cable trunking Width x depth Length. Marking strip Includes : length. References Rows Enclosure Outside fixing Inside fixing. FLA - 80 FLA 2 80 FLA 2 FLA 3 FLA 4 FLA 5 FLA 6 FLA - B2. GRP enclosures orion plus A H1 F2 H. Insulated busbars, junction blocks, distribution blocks, terminals, all that is needed to quickly and efficiently mount devices in enclosures and distribution boards.


Modular Automation Devices - Hager



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