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It is always interesting to talk about folklore since it can entertain the people and gives moral values. In Aceh, folklore, which is known as Haba , has special position in the community.

It contains moral values that can be used as an example in human life. The purpose of this study was to describe the religious values in Acehnese folklore, Haba Putroe Kaoy.

This is qualitative study with a content analysis research model. In this study, the Haba Putroe Kaoy was analyzed based on Islamic religious values. In conclusion, Haba Putroe Kaoy contains religious values which can be used as character education for the listener.

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Jakarta: Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional. Kurdi, M. Aceh di mata sejarawan: Rekonstruksi sejarah sosial budaya. Rodja, Radio. Hadis arbain ke-2 pengertian iman, islam, dan ihsan.

Dongeng anak-anak dalam Bahasa Aceh: analisis struktur. E-ISSN : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. User Username Password Remember me. Abstract It is always interesting to talk about folklore since it can entertain the people and gives moral values.

Keywords Religious values; values; Haba Putroe Kaoy. Full Text: PDF. References Ary, D. Danandjaja, J. Folklor Indonesia ilmu gossip, dongeng, dan lain-lain. Jakarta: Grafiti.

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Bicara Iman: “Hadis Arbain”




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