Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Am 3 channel digital proportional radio control 12 pages. Digital proportional radio control 3 channel pcm system for cars 44 pages. Digital proportional radio control for helicopters 6 pages.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Am 3 channel digital proportional radio control 12 pages. Digital proportional radio control 3 channel pcm system for cars 44 pages. Digital proportional radio control for helicopters 6 pages. Digital proportional radio control fm6, fm5 channel 6 pages. Page 5 The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. The contents of this manual should be complete but if there are any unclear or missing parts please contact a Futaba Service Center.

Page 10 FX system as well as to any other models of Futaba transmitters. The FX transmitter uses one of the three cord plug types according to the transmitter connected. Servos - there are various kinds of servos. Please choose the Futaba servos that best suit your model and purpose. If you utilize an S. Page 12 As with all radio frequency transmissions the strongest area of signal transmission is from the sides of the transmitter s antenna.

As such the antenna should not be pointed directly at the model. If your ying style creates this situation easily move the antenna to correct this situation. Page 14 The volume D and RD knobs allow analog input. In addition when the trim position returns to the center the tone will change. Page 17 Do not use the transmitter as it is. Send it to the Futaba service center.

Charge the transmitter battery before using it for the first time. To do this insert the transmitter The status of the transmitter is displayed by D at the upper part of the front of a FX Page 19 Tapping the settings buttons for Tap the panel with your finger to enter each value on the settings screen data.

Please appear at the top of the panel. Page To avoid accidentally activating it during a flight, it is suggested that it be locked. Due to the touch screen's sensitivity, allowing it to be touched Page 21 The status of the transmitter is displayed by D at the upper part of the front of a FX Elevator stick The left aileron Aileron stick is down.

It is recommended to adjust the length of the sticks in line with your hand size. Page 26 hen the optional stick switch is connected to the inside accessories connector SI - S ou can make fine adjustments to the angle of switch SI - S becomes usable.

Page 27 ou can choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch. Page 28 ou can choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch. If you tighten both screws you won t be able to achieve the adjustment that you need because of the overlap of those two adjustments.

FX transmitter update software is released the Connecting a stereo headphone to this plug the software is updated using an SD card.

Don't attach a connector as shown in the preceding illustration. Once l c e the c rrect e the The FX has the ability to link to two ill chan e t a s li c l r. Page 33 The R S has two antennas. In order to maximize signal reception and promote safe modeling Futaba has adopted a diversity antenna system. This allows the receiver to obtain RF signals on both antennas and y problem-free.

Page 34 Wood screw 2. Page U 2 I S2 special settings and mixes in your transmitter may be unnecessary. The S. S2 servos memorize the number of channels themselves. S2 system and conventional system receiver conventional CH used can be mixed. BUS itself, any connector can be used. BUS system. Page 37 hen using the S. S2 port an impressive array of telemetry sensors may be utilized. BUS2 S. BUS Servo, S. BUS Gyro to S. BUS2 connector. S2 servos or a telemetry sensor can be connected directly to the FX Channel setting and other data can be entered for the S.

S2 servos or sensors. C nnect the. Use your finger to operate the touch screen. Page 40 Each transmitter has an individually assigned, unique ID code. In order to start operation, the receiver must be linked with the ID code of the transmitter to which it is being paired. Once the link is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further linking is necessary unless the receiver is to be used with another transmitter.

ACT will be chosen if telemetry is used. If both power supplies to the receivers are switched on simultaneously, data is received incorrectly by the transmitter.

The transmitter stores receiver IDs by model; thus, if it does not have a particular receiver model ID stored in memory or has a different receiver ID stored, telemetry functions will be unusable.

Page 43 It is extremely important to range check your models prior to each ying session. This enables you to ensure that everything is functioning as it should and to obtain maximum enjoyment from your time ying. The FX transmitter incorporates a system that reduces its power output and allows you to perform such a range check. The Model Select function is used to add models and to select models which are already set. If the direction of the servo is incorrect, adjust the direction with the Reverse function of the Linkage menu.

Page 45 This function is used when an air brake is necessary when taking off or diving, etc. The preset elevators and aps camber ap, brake ap offset amount can be activated by a switch. The offset amount of the aileron, elevator, and flap servos can be adjusted as needed.

Page 46 This section outlines examples of use of the helicopter functions of the FX Adjust the actual values, etc. Default setting assigns 1 model to the FX To add The transmitter can install up to eight ight conditions new models or to call a model already set, use the Model per model. Page 47 For a description of the connection method, see "Servos connection by model type".

Note: The channel assignment of the FX is different from that of our existing systems. Swash plate correction Except H-1 mode Page 48 matched to airborne ight. The high side pitch setting is less than idle up 1. Pitch curve Hold Throttle cut provides an easy way to stop the engine, At auto rotation, use the maximum pitch at both Page 49 The FX transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model type function of the Linkage menu.

The channel assignment initial setting for each model type is shown below. Connect the receiver and servos to match the type used. Tap the transmitter. This does not set up any model data. Return to Home screen [Display]: Display adjustment. Page 56 Display The following LCD screen adjustments: Backlighting brightness adjustment Backlighting decrease time adjustment Touch screen calibration Tap the [Display] button in the System menu to call the setup screen shown below. Return to System menu Backlight max.

FX transmitter. Request that this menu to call the setup screen shown below. Charged modi cation Return to System menu Page Range Check Low battery alarm voltage set Battery Select the battery alarm voltage according to the battery to be used. It isn't indicated in case of manual setting. Page 60 An S. BUS 2 servo can memorize the channel and various settings you input.

Servo setting can be performed on the FX screen by wiring the servo as shown in the gure.


FUTABA FX-36 Instruction Manual

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