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Remember Me? EVM 15B Lets get ready to rumble! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: E Vs. E Vs. How will the E sound in comparison? I am looking to buy one for my Leslie. Do you play the pedals? Originally Posted by God's element. JBL Pro Authorized When you plug that into calculations for an "infinite baffle" which the Leslie is probably more similar to, than any other type of box design , it comes out pretty much a wash.

No significant difference in low-end extension I would agree with the assessment, that the E will be louder in the upper regions and will go higher , but the EVM15B will have more "whomp" in the midbass and upper bass, and will sound "warmer". It's entirely dependent on the sound desired My guess, is that the EVM15B will probably work better in the Leslie, given that it's spec set is more similar to the original Jensen woofers that were in those originally and which the Leslie was designed around.

But, it's all in the ears of the beholder, in the end Regards, Gordon. Originally Posted by GordonW. Originally Posted by toddalin. If we're talking about a typical or , a Leslie is anything but an infinite baffle. Consider that the baffle board has a triangular cut-out at the corner and the back of the cabinet has a rather large rectangular port.

Couple this with all the air leaks around the motors and mechanisms and the fact that no real effort was made to seal the cabinets. Originally Posted by edgewound. Hi Todd Infinite baffle would be more akin to ceiling or a wall that would seemingly go on infinitely and just separate the front and back waves of the speaker. A sealed box is really inappropriatley referred to as "infinite baffle" because in effect, in might seem to "fold that infinite baffle into a box" surrounding the driver.

True infinite baffle has no sealed airspace to load the woofer cone. A sealed box should more appropriately be referred to as "air suspension" or "acoustic suspension". Doesn't really matter how you define it I am tracking Es on bay now. Also, my Leslie is not stock. I know, that sounds sacreligious, but I think it sounds better now. I have a watt 8ohm sub amp mounted on the back.

The XO is at Mhz which is the stock Mhz for the leslie. Only the fins protrude out of the back of the leslie as the amp has been cut in half and the crucitboard is mounted on the inside. AC power and line in feed is derived from the stock amp.

The solid state amp gives a nice boost to the lows and amplifies the tube driven signal. What is hard to believe is that the doopler effect is still present Lower drum directing the sound in a circle which gives off the sound which can be described as hearing a train coming and going, over and over. As soon as i get a digital camara i will put up a pic of the mod if anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like.

This mod sounds awsome when compared to a stock Leslie To have anywhere near optimum power handling and to avoid transient delay errors, a speaker should either a be loaded, to where its resultant Q speaker and enclosure is ABOVE.

In this case, the Qts of the driver will, effectively, be the resultant Qtc of the entire system, due to the LACK of any loading on the back of the driver. So, with the JBL having a Q of less than. OTOH, if the application was a guitar cabinet ie, Fender, etc , condition b from above is met So, either driver would be OK. Rather than pontificate about the superficial differences between an IB and an OB, it's much more helpful to address the actual issue here There's a difference between a "pop" and some midrange, and a sustained Hz tone, WITH percussive pops.

Listened to any B3s lately? They'll move air like NO guitar I can't wait to get an E so i can get in this good debate. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.

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EVM 15L or 15B? Jan 14, 1. Dec 1, Bronx, NYC. The cabinet came with a working 15B and a completely blown but cosmetically perfect 15B, and my Musicman RH cabinet has a slightly worn out 15L in it. Both the s and the RH are direct radiators with horn-shaped ports, although the s is a 2x15" and the MM is a

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Should I get an EVM 15L or 15B?

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