I've had quite a few discussions lately with real estate photographers who've shared that things are starting to pick up in their market. This is great news, of course, but I can't help thinking about those whose business is still down or are still unc Reading Articles. PFRE is the original online resource for real estate and interior photographers. Since , it has been a community hub where like-minded professionals from around the world gather to share information with a common goal of improving their work and advancing their business.

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And my realtor and home builder clients want to see the dramatic views that are outside the windows of these fantastic properties. Not blown out windows or half way exposed exteriors.

I think HDR has a place but the place is not in interior real estate photography. Below are several examples of lit interiors with properly exposed exteriors. And for purposes of this article the term properly exposed is seasoned taste of my particular brand and style of photography.

Yours may differ. Well probably more the 10x as fast. The above Lightroom version actually takes a few minutes to composite the image. The desktop GUI has it completed in 3 seconds. Its drag and drop. Just drag and drop your images from any where right onto the GUI. Just used it as is. Examples of my current images of shooting luxury real estate currently include a very long retouching process.

Verticals are not corrected. No window extraction at all. The process was way to long and creating an unnecessary post production workload. Below is some exposure testing I did in my own home. Its laborious to do this type of testing. But always fruitful. I found that a 7 image bracketing sequence was overkill.

In this example I bounced the flash off the wall to the left. For allot of photographers in my market and allot of realtors the image below is perfectly acceptable.

Adjusting Highlight, Blacks, Exposure and Contrast to taste. Below is the final image. For my taste the above exterior view is a bit washed out. And I hope you find this helpful. His home boasts degree views of the Pacific.

I employed the exact method I describe above. The 5 Bracket Hybrid Method. It worked like a charm. The Final Image Below is the final image. Search for:.

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When I shoot for architects, builders or interior designers I have the time built in to the shoot to use strobes and light the scene. I have one big RE client and that's mroe of a "volume" client. I don't have tons of time for each listing, so I've turned to HDR for the higher end homes. I'm not really happy with all of my results. Some shots look great, but others get odd color casts or I have real trouble adjusting the tones to get the real natural look. I usually shoot a bracket of 9 exposures, 1EV each. Sometimes I use all the exposures, sometimes I'll pick 5 or 7 along the tonal range and use just those.


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Enfuse Desktop GUI | Real World Review


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