General search Products Price Download Supply. Market price: U. Contact type: Microload VAC, 0. Operation: Momentary operation Self-resetting. Output: DPDT. Operation Unit color symbol: Enter the desired color symbol for the Pushbutton, in.

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Cylindrical Proximity Sensor. General-purpose Threaded. Capacitive Sensor. Be sure to read Safety Precautions on. Ordering Information. Sensors [Refer to Dimensions on page 6. Sensing distance. M30 15 mm. Accessories Order Separately. Mounting Brackets. Refer to Y92 for details.

Output configuration. DC 3-wire, NPN. DC 3-wire, PNP. AC 2-wire. Operation mode. NO NC. Ratings and Specifications. E2K-X4ME ,. E2K-X4MF ,. E2K-X8ME ,. E2K-X8MF ,. E2K-X15ME ,. E2K-X15MF ,. Differential travel. Detectable object. Conductors and dielectrics. Response frequency. Current consumption. E and F Models: 15 mA max. Leakage current. Y Models: 2. Refer to page 4. Load current E and F Models: mA max.

Residual voltage. E and F Models: 2 V max. Protection circuits. E and F Models: Reverse polarity protection, Surge suppressor, load short-circuit protection, output reverse polar-. Ambient temperature. Temperature influence. Voltage influence. Insulation resistance. Dielectric strength. Vibration resistance. Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1. Shock resistance.

Degree of protection. IP66 IEC , in-house standards: oil-resistant. Connection method. Pre-wired Models Standard cable length: 2 m. Weight packed state. Heat-resistant ABS. Sensing surface. Clamping nuts Polyacetal. Instruction manual. The above values are sensing distances for the standard sensing object. Refer to Engineering Data on page 3 for other materials. Ordering Information Sensors [Refer to Dimensions on page 6.

Leakage current Y Models: 2.


Cylindrical type electrostatic capacity proximity sensor (E2K-X) (E2K-X8MF1 2M)

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E2K-X8MF1 Sensor. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


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