With the unveiling of its next-generation Duratomic Technology, Seco Tools LLC introduces three new turning insert grades that achieve the elusive balance of toughness and hardness when machining steel alloys and other workpiece materials such as cast irons and stainless steels. The Duratomic CVD aluminium-oxide coating process manipulates coating components at an atomic level to achieve improved mechanical and thermal properties and enhance performance. The TP, TP and TP combine the benefits of advanced aluminum-oxide coatings with specially developed compositions of the tools' bulk substrates and cobalt-enriched zones. Modifications of those elements make the new grades both tougher and more wear resistant than their predecessors, across the board.

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Seco Tools introduces the Duratomic-grade DP range of indexable insert drills for very high feeds and speeds. The grade provides a balance of heat resistance, wear resistance, and strength, making it ideal for holemaking in a wide variety of materials. Available in all Perfomax insert geometries and sizes, DP increases tool life and allows for the use of more aggressive cutting data.

All Perfomax drills feature strong square inserts and offer high stability. Their low friction coating and unique chip flute design optimizes chip removal rates to boost productivity and process reliability. This creates direct benefits in the areas of productivity, surface finish, tool life, and overall cutting capability. In addition to increasing the physical durability of the insert, Duratomic technology also provides superior thermal control to maximize process stability.

The insert pockets of Double Octomill incorporate a strong center lock screw and grooves for axial and radial location pins, simplifying the mounting of inserts and ensuring maximum stability during operation. Seco offers four insert geometries for Double Octomill , allowing the tool to be successfully applied across a wide range of materials. For applications requiring high surface finishes, a wiper insert with a 0.

All Double Octomill cutters make use of inserts that provide 16 numbered cutting edges to minimize cost per edge and per part. The tools also feature pre-hardened cutter bodies to maximize tool life and performance. The Drilling Threadmaster DTM from Seco Tools significantly reduces hole-processing time by drilling, chamfering, and threading holes all in one fast operation. And because the multi-purpose solid thread mill replaces three separate tools, it helps lower tool costs, conserve tool storage space within machine tools and lessen the number of required tool changes during overall part processing.

As compared with tap threading, thread milling generates superior burr-free surface finishes, and the same tool can be used for both left and right hand threads as well as for different thread tolerances. Various materials and hole diameters can also be thread milled with the same tool for further reductions in tooling inventory. As the tool reaches the bottom of a hole, it automatically chamfers the top of the hole diameter. Threads are then quickly and precisely milled through helical interpolation.

DTM is available for applications in cast iron and aluminum. For both materials, the tool will maintain short chip lengths and efficiently channel them up its helical flutes. The —C1 geometry features sharp optimized double points, while the —C2 geometry is specifically designed to drill stacked CFRP materials with aluminum or titanium outer layers. To combat the abrasive properties of CFRP, the Feedmax —C1 and —C2 incorporate a polycrystalline diamond coating, which also provides good dimensional tolerance.

The drills are 5xD with diameters ranging from 0. All —C1 and —C2 drills also feature through-coolant holes.

Further advancements have also been made with the addition of solid PCD dome tip technology that makes it possible to grind geometries, such as the -C1 and -C2, into a solid PCD tip that is brazed onto a solid carbide drill.

The edge sharpness that can be achieved with solid PCD further reduces delamination, uncut fibers, and improves performance. CNC machine tool manufacturer Okuma America Corporation and distributor Morris Midwest are hosting an event that will focus on machine tool solutions designed to optimize productivity for small to large job shops in the Chicago, IL, area.

There will be 19 machines on display as well as metrology and automation equipment. To register, click here.

Members of Partners in THINC, representing tooling, gauging, software and other machine tool accessory equipment will be on hand to discuss manufacturing challenges and help attendees reduce costs, increase throughput and improve quality. The event is free to manufacturers.

To learn more about this event and others, visit the Okuma events page.


Duratomic Inserts for Turning Steel



Seco Tools Duratomic-Grade DP3000 Indexable Insert Drills


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