Anna Quindlen writes about how to foster creativity in children, and by extension adults by doing nothing and allowing their minds to foster creativity during this time, free time. Quindlen proposes that kids are too busy and do not have enough free time. In this down time or free time they make their own adventures and form their own ideas. She presents the idea that to even start the creative process to create literature. She begins with a comparison to her life as a child, explaining the boredom that she used to have during the summer. However, she continues with how children now are as overscheduled as their parents, which reduces the amount of time they have for creativity.

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Karen Hughes noted her dedication to family time: she arranged to have dinner with her son one night a week. Perhaps we are creating an entire generation of people whose ability to think outside the box is being systematically stunted by scheduling.

Which evidence does Anna Quindlen give to support her position that downtime encourages creativity? The kind of summer Anna Quindlen fears is gone for good is the kind that is. Which of the following does Quindlen use to support a claim she makes about how children's lives have changed?

Ridgewood, N. Which persuasive technique does Anna Quindlin most rely? When Anna Quindlen states, "If one weekday dinner out of five is laudable, what do most people do? Doing Nothing is Something by Anna Quindlen. Played times. Print Share Edit Delete Report an issue. Play Live Live. Finish Editing. This quiz is incomplete! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Delete Quiz. Question 1. What is one reason that downtime is important? Summer can be boring. Children may be overscheduled.

Quiet time fuels creativity. Parents have way too little leisure time. Question 2. Which statement is a fact?

Scheduling may stunt creativity. Maybe that kind of summer is gone for good. There is even a free-time movement and website. Enrichment benefits only parents. Question 3. Based on the text, children mostly lack downtime mainly because of.

Question 4. Which statement is an opinion? On Family Night, there is no homework, no athletic practices, and no after school events.

In the last 20 years, kids have lost about four unstructured hours a week. Question 5. What does the author suggest parents do with the television sets? Throw them away. Unhook the cable box. Watch TV with their children. TVs can be removed. Question 6. Question 7. Question 8. Anna Quindlen thinks summer enrichment activities for children are really. Question 9. Quindlen's position in her essay is that.

Question Which of the following is a fact? Quindlet says many adults worry that a child who is not in a structured activity will. Quindlen says her own "boring" summers. In lines , Anna Quindlen suggests that parents.

The primary purpose of the selection is to convince readers that. Why does the author use vivid imagery at the beginning and end of the selection? Report an issue. Lon Po Po. Plural Nouns. Possessive Nouns.

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Doing Nothing is Something

Doing Nothing is Something Suggested Time:. Please quindlen not read something to the students. This is a description for teachers about the big ideas and key understanding actually students should take away after completing this task. Read doing entire selection, keeping in mind something Big Ideas and Key Understandings. Students read the entire doing independently.


Free Time In Doing Nothing Is Something By Anna Quindlen






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