Since , Paradox goals have driven the development of revolutionary products. Paradox started with an impressive line of motion detectors whose patents are still used today. Client log in. Home page About company News Products.

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Installation Guide Includes Keypad Installation. We hope this product performs to your complete satisf action. Should you have any questions or comments, please visit paradox. Table of Contents. Programming Methods. Zone Programming. Remote Control Programming. Hardware Requirements Remote Control Templa te. Restrict Arming on Bell or Auxiliary Failure. Restrict Arming on Module Trouble s.

Timed Auto-Arming. No Movement Auto-Armi ng. Auto-Arming Options. Switch To Stay Arming. Always Force Arm when Regular Arming.

Auto Force on Stay Arming. Follow Zone Switches to Entry Delay 2. One-Touch Features. Exit Delay. Keypad Lock-out Feature. Bell Squawk. Maximum Bypass Entries. Alarm Options. Bell Cut-off Timer. Wireless Transmitter Supervision Options. Police Code Timer. Tamper Recognition Options. Keypad Panic Options. Event Reporting. Reporting Enabled. Report Codes.

Report Arming and Disarming. Monitoring Station Phone Number. Account Number. Account Number Transmission. Reporting Formats. Event Call Direction. Pager Delay. Recent Close Delay. Power Failure Report Delay. Power Failure Restore Report Dela y. Repeat Pager Report Code Transmission. Auto Test Report.

Disarm Reporting Options. Zone Restore Report Options. Auto Report Code Pr ogramming. Closing Delinquency Timer. Dialer Options. Telephone Line Monitoring. Keyswitch Programming.

Keyswitch Numbering. Pulse Ratio. Keyswitch Definitions. Busy Tone Detection. Keyswitch Partition Assignment. Switch To Pulse. Keyswitch Options. Bell On Communication Fail. Arming and Disarming Options. Dial Tone Delay. Feature activation PGMs. EVO Control Panel. Programmable Outputs. System Settings and Commands. Logging Access Control Events.

WinLoad Software. Panel Identifier. PC Password. PC Telephone Number. Call Back Feature. Call WinLoad. Answer WinLoad. Answering Machine Override Dela y. Ring Counter. Event Buffer Transmission. In-Field Firmware Upgr ade. Appendix 1: Automatic Report Code List.

Appendix 3: Keypad Installation Instructions. Access Codes. Installer Code. Access Code Length. System Master Code. Programming Access Codes. User Options. Partition Assignment. Access Control. Access Control: System Features. Common Access Control Terms. Programming Overview. Enable Access Control. Door Numbering. Access Levels. Access Schedules. Backup Schedules. Holiday Programming. Schedule Tolerance Window. Door Access Mode. Code Access. Card and Code Access.


Paradox Digiplex EVO48 EVO192 user manual



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