Home Spanish to English lunfardo. A form of Buenos Aires slang that originated in the underworld. It has found its way into popular songs and theater. Buenos Aires slang. More Spanish examples for this word. En la academia de lunfardo, no en la academia argentina.

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L unfardo and tango are certainly not blood brothers. Tango has black blood and lunfardo has gringo blood. I am not taking sides, as far as tango is concerned, in the controversy between Hispanists and Nigroists; I am just saying that what is Spanish in tango is of African lineage, including Andalusian tango, which had been Afro-Cuban before being Andalusian.

I think it inaccurate to speak of tango as a whole. I choose Villoldo to embody the former and Contursi the latter. And besides, suede boots and a cool silk skirt.

The first lyrics, in terms of relevance if not of chronology, is that the tango named Lita , which was renamed as Mi noche triste My Sad Night. And modern tango, whose prince is Horacio Ferrer , wisely turns to it as a literary touch rather than a language. This last report available in spanish only. Irene Raizboim Farber. August 7, July 28, August 10, Argentine Tourism Industry. Transportation and Communications in Argentina. Argentina Maps. Dimensions of Argentina: Limits, lengths and surface.

History of Tango Argentino. First Time a Tango was Sung. Lunfardo and Tango Argentino. Argentine Folk Music History. Ballet in Argentina. Argentine Cinema History Argentine Literature History. Updated June 9, Compadre : Gaucho absorbed by the city who kept his independent attitude in his clothing and behavior. Bragging and belligerent person. Esmujen : A person who worked in a second-hand shop known as cambalache.

To swindle. Zarzos : Ear-ring Debute : Excellent, supreme, best-quality. Farabute : Scoundrel, rouge, braggart. Cotorro : Lodging, room, especially of a single male.

To dispossess, to deprive someone of something. To remove surreptitiously. Papusa : From papa Papa : Beautiful thing of top-quality or use.

Percanta : Woman, as seen from the amatory standpoint. Amuraste : Second person singular of the verb amurar. To abandon. Music Popular Posts Recent Posts. Search in El Sur del Sur Search for:. Our Culture.


Lunfardo and Tango Argentino

The Italian dialect word lunfardo , meaning a criminal, began as lombardo , then became lumbardo , and finally lunfardo. It was applied to all criminal slang, which—along with brothel slang and the flood of immigrants in the late nineteenth century—gave a major boost to Argentine argot, to the extent that the boundary between Lunfardism and Argentinism is sometimes vague. This lexicon lost or assimilated terms over time while some words changed meanings: ortiva was first synonymous with informer but came to mean embittered. It was also found in some naturalist novels. But it was especially radio and television comedy programs that renewed this legacy and disseminated it down to the end of the twentieth century, although in the last decades of the century young people and the music they sing—from "national" rock to cumbia villera —have been the main proponents of Lunfardo.


Nuevo diccionario lunfardo


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