How to Escalate. Vin DiCarlo. Copyright Vin DiCarlo, Inc. F riend,. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder 1. They never knew when and how to physically escalate from casual touch to more intimate and direct contact.

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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Here's How. Show More. Jim Vue. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, fol-lowed by a number of laws which govern its use for maximum effect.

It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no signifi-cant jumps that may cause a woman to object. At the same time, the DELcontains no extraneous steps which are non-essential to the seductionprocess. This results in a FAST escalation sequence which is compatiblewith a variety of verbal structures, and has been field tested and perfectedby myself, Vincent DiCarlo, in hundreds of trials.

Without further marketing, hype or other bullshit, I present Eye Contact and Initial Conversation Eye contact is the first step. Its use shows social awareness and al-ways improves your chances of starting a conversation. Start your conver-sational game shortly after eye contact. Incidental Class 1 The first class of incidental kino involves the arms and hands. Shak-ing hands, tapping people on the shoulder and brushing arms are all verycommon things that we do on a daily basis.

Done in an incidental manner,i. Overt Class 1 There is an unmistakable recurring pattern throughout the DEL: in-cidental kino, followed by overt kino. Overt means open to view or knowl-edge; not concealed or secret. While incidental kino is usually done in a context which masks yourintention, overt kino is not. The incidental kino which precedes it createsthe familiarity necessary for the overt kino to be accepted. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder4. Incidental Class 2 Class 2 kino involves any contact which takes place on her torso orlegs.

This is slightly more intimate than class 1, but does not include eroge-nous zones such as her breasts, crotch or inner thighs. Those areas are notpaid any direct attention until the escalation ramp - to be defined later. Overt Class 2 Overt class 2 kino is usually done while sitting down. Its not neces-sary, but definitely a smart place to make the transition to sitting down.

This class of kino should be done in a protective, almost romantic manner. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder6. Incidental Class 3 Her hair, face and neck are the regions included in class 3. Manyguys make the common mistake of touching these areas too soon, with agirl they first met.

Girls are surprisingly protective of their hair, face and neck placingthese relatively high on the ladder. Another common mistake is that moreexperienced guys will generally skip this step altogether, only to face lastminute resistance later on. Overt Class 3 The manner in which kino is delivered in overt class 3, is very direct. It is meant to prepare her for kissing, and is done in a very slow, gentleand romantic way.

Most of the time you should be sitting down, relaxed and maintain-ing a good sexual state and strong eye contact. The duration of the ramp should be about 5 - 15 minutes. Start theramp very quickly once you have complete isolation in a sex location. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder8. Kissing Start kissing from a very close proximity. Dont come diving in lipsfirst from three feet away.

Ideally you should already be in a suitable posi-tion for kissing before you try. If you have overt class 3 kino taken care of,youre probably in the right spot. A technique for building sexual tension - move closely in, slowly as ifyou might kiss her, and then move away and start talking about somethingelse. This will build the tension and she will wonder when youre going toactually kiss her.

A technique to initiate kissing - try placing your finger just under-neath her chin and pulling her mouth towards yours. Kissing should be light and short at first. You should be the one topull away first. Dont use too much tongue at first, just use it to tease her,and build anticipation.

Kissing Her Neck Once you have kissed her for a bit, move down to her neck. Kiss itgently, while holding her close to you. Depending on how rough you want to set the mood, feel free to throw insome gentle biting too. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder Touching the Bare Skin of Her Back Once you have established kissing both on her mouth and neck,move your hands to her waist and underneath her shirt.

Continue to holdher close to you, now with your hands directly on her back. Stomach to Stomach Now that you have established touching her skin, below her shirt,simply move your hand to the front, and lift her shirt, exposing only herstomach.

At the same time lift your shirt as well so that your abdomen is indirect contact with hers. It seems innocent, but will meanwhile trigger intense sexual feelingsinside of her. The only time she feels contact like that is usually when shesnaked and having sex.

Kissing her Body Having her shirt pulled up affords the opportunity of moving down-wards to kiss and caress the bare flesh of her abdomen. Start kissing herthere, along the sides, and move upwards. Touching and kissing the breasts is optional. It is not necessary, andin some cases can be detrimental to your progress. There are some womenwho have a negative anchor to their breasts. DiCarlo Escalation Ladder Inch toward their breasts and feel her reaction. If she becomes in-creasingly turned on, then go for it.

If she starts to close down, skip thebreasts until you are already having sex. Incidentally Stimulate Vagina While you are kissing her body, you can position yourself betweenher legs and use your midsection to rub against her vagina. If you are kiss-ing her mouth you can position your thigh to stimulate her vagina. You can also be kissing her body and reach between her legs andplant your hand on the bed below her. Then use your forearm to stimulateher vagina.

The key here is that because you arent using your hand or fin-gers, she has no basis for objection. Direct Vaginal Stimulation from Behind Inside Panties Once you have really amped her up by incidentally rubbing her va-gina, move your hand around to the back and slip it inside her panties andtouch her naked ass. Next move your hand all the way down and reach her vagina.

Startfirst by touching the area around it. Then proceed to finger her from be-hind.


Dicarlo Escalation Ladder

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Kino Escalation Ladder

An escalation ladder is basically where you begin with small touches, and increasing get more physical until you kiss the girl. And to really create HARD attraction in your escalation ladder, all three types of physical moves — escalation, pushing, and moving — will need be there in the social interaction. So let me explain. As you talk to the girl in that bar and club, to create hard attraction you must escalate the physical touching. Where you are always physically escalating up the ladder, shamelessly. A slow, steady, constant, physical escalation, where you the push the boundaries. All examples of physical escalating up the ladder.


Kino Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition - Vin DiCarlo

Users Online: Mysterious and suave Vin DiCarlo is one of pickup artists that has an ineffable aura surrounding him. He seems to be a true natural in the field, yet once you listen to what he has to teach, you see that there is a very concise, orderly, almost coded method behind his moves. DiCarlo puts a lot of focus on getting physical as quickly as possible by using what he calls the 'sexual kino escalation ladder'. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it's use for maximum eff

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