Although several were available with the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, many others were added in future patches. Rune Words divide weapons into categories that may not be explicitly stated on an item. With weapons especially, it is easy to accidentally mistake one type of weapon for another. These include the exceptional and elite versions of the items as well. Although classified as "Mace Class weapons," Hammers are a separate category.

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Rune Words are a type of item created when specific combinations of runes are inserted into socketed items. When the rune word is completed, it looks much like a unique item with the only notable difference that the runes show if the the player moves the mouse over the inventory image.

The socketed item must also have the exact number of sockets required by the rune word. If these conditions are not met, the rune word will not be created and the player has potentially wasted the runes in question on a useless item.

The bonuses that each individual rune confers will still be applied to the item, but the added rune word bonuses will not. Rune words were introduced in the expansion, Lord of Destruction , and can not be created in classic Diablo II. In addition, some rune words were added to the game after the expansion in either Patch 1. The most powerful rune words were almost exclusively added in the 1.

Several of these rune words are ladder only, meaning they can only be created on the closed Battle. For example, the Rune Word Ancient's Pledge requires a 3 socketed shield and will not work on any other item even if there are more than 3 sockets. The Runes must be inserted in the proper order:. Inserted in the correct order and in the proper item will grant the shield the following bonuses:. If the runes are inserted incorrectly, only the inherent bonuses of the three runes will be applied:.

Despite popular belief, Rune Words do not work if the required number of sockets is not equal to the number present on the item. Enigma will only work if the body armor has exactly three sockets. They also fail to work when the item they are socketed to is not valid. The player cannot have an [Ancient's Pledge Bardiche even if they have all 3 runes and a 3-socketed Bardiche, since Ancient's Pledge is a shield-only Rune Word.

The Runes socketed must also be arranged in the correct order. Otherwise, you will only get the effects of the individual runes without the bonus. Rune Words only work in non-magical items. You cannot insert a Rune Word into magical, rare, set or unique item. The runes will only confer their regular bonuses, and not the Rune Word bonuses. Ladder rune words only work on ladder characters on B. Any other character, even non-ladder characters, will not be able to create them. Be careful when using Rune Words formula with the runes I o and L o, as it's easy to confuse the two at a glance.

Rune Words will not work with Wirt's Leg. As Rune Words only work in certain item categories, it's helpful to know exactly what each one means. Listed below are the different categories of items used in Rune Words. Sign In. Gamepedia and Fandom have joined forces and our combined teams would like to encourage all Diablo fans to unite and work together as well.

Please head to the community portal to discuss whether this wiki should merge with Fandom's Diablo community. From Diablo Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Example For example, the Rune Word Ancient's Pledge requires a 3 socketed shield and will not work on any other item even if there are more than 3 sockets. Definitions of Item Types As Rune Words only work in certain item categories, it's helpful to know exactly what each one means. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Weapon Rune Words (Diablo II)

Some items in Diablo II are socketed items, which means that one can insert runes into them. They can also be identified by having a grey name. When runes are placed into these socketed items in a specific combination, the item will get a stats bonus from each individual rune along with an extra boost on top of that. This special order of runes is known as a runeword. They introduced the most powerful runewords with Patch 1. One can only use Runewords on specific items.


Rune Words

Rune Words are specific combinations of runes that grant specific socketed items several new magical properties. When a Rune Word is made, the item's name is changed to the Rune Word's name. It appears in gold text, like Unique items. Rune Words keep the original properties of the socketed item. They do not work on socketed unique, magic, or rare items even if they have the required number of sockets, meaning players can only make Rune Words from items which have black-colored names. When runes are not inserted into an item properly in correct order , the item will only gain bonuses from the inserted individual runes. Players must also have the right patch for Rune Words to work.

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