Made to the highest standards and comply with international and local safety norms with top quality hydraulics and mechanical components. Design and engineering solutions for crane rail interfaces for ship to shore container cranes, power station turbine hall cranes, etc. Often called portal cranes, are designed for a comprehensive range of applications and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. Mounted to a wall or free-standing with a column, these cranes help you to lift your goods with ease and can be operated manually or with a remote control. Explosion-proof cranes used in hazardous environments such as oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plant industries.

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Other publicationsDrive DesignerGuided selection and project engineering of Demag geared motors and travel unit componentsDrive Designer online atwww. With the publication of this catalogue, all previous issues of this document become invalid and should be consideredas withdrawn.

The same applies for all previous versions of Drive Designer on CD, 44 and 44, Version 5 and earlier. G eneral documentsOrder no. For this reason, we reserve the right to incorporate changes in line with technicalprogress and which do not detract from the quality of our products. Therefore,diagrams and technical information may not always correspond to the latest design.

Reproduction of this catalogue, in whole or in part, is subject to our prior consent. As a world leader, we offer the mostcomprehensive range of products inthe industry. These include drives withsolutions for a wide variety of requirements,such as starting and stoppingmotions, positioning, travel or variablespeed drives.

High quality and reliable serviceThe Drives group offers a comprehensiverange with a high level of functionalreliability, precision and long-term guaranteedspare part availability. Thanks to our closely knit servicenetwork, reliable and expert driveservice is also guaranteed all over theworld — from specific consultation toerection and assembly to meet specificapplication requirements and for rapidrepairs.

Spare parts are also stockedworldwide and can be obtained at anytime. Innovative and market-orientedWith our motors, gearboxes, travelunits and frequency inverters, weare always able to implement newsolutions. We not only meet a widevariety of market needs, but also setstandards, e. Demag cylindrical-rotorgeared motors offer robust qualityat a favourable price. Demag travelunit components range from wheelsets and non-driven wheel blocks tocomplete, non-driven travel units fora wide variety of applications in manyindustries.

Application versatilityThe high quality level required formaterials handling applications hasresulted in Demag drive products alsobeing used in many other industries. These include general mechanicalengineering and plant engineeringsolutions, as well as operation underextreme conditions in galvanisingfacilities or special construction applications,e. Leading edge — now via the InternetSimple, fast and reliable atall times via www. Outstanding benefitsWith Drive Designer online, you not onlysave a lot of time.

You also benefit fromthe fact that it requires no installation,does not take up any space on yourhard disk and that it is always up-todate. In addition, it is available at alltimes and in many languages, includingmeasurements used in other countries,such as feet and pounds, for example. The system also ensures that yourenquiry is sent quickly to the relevantengineer and also avoids any errorsin transmission.

The spare parts youneed are sent to you reliably and onschedule via our Demag Shop Internetorder system. Whatever you wantDrive Designer online generates yourCAD files in 2D or 3D for any of themany thousand geometric variants youselect when configuring your solution. The files are automatically sent to youvia e-mail as exact scale drawings. If you want to view the files, you candownload our DXF viewer.

Using thelayer definition function, you can ensurethat the files match the standards inyour drawings. Contents11 Introduction Specialpaint finish available on request. For further details on the paint finish, see section1.

Not having to realign the housing savestime. Splined hub profileto DIN Residual flangeindicator The system is used for tasks such as supporting, guidingand driving loads. All fittings feature connection arrangements which have beenproven over decades. Safety measures must not be rendered inoperative or modified or used forpurposes other than those for which they are intended. This bearing arrangement featuresgrooved ball bearings lubricated for lifeand sealed with two cover discs, reducingmaintenance to a minimum, and areparticularly suitable for high axial loads.

Options:Use low-maintenance grooved ballbearings with double-lip seals for extrememoist conditions. The compact tapered roller bearingwith NILOS and V sealing rings savesspace despite the high radial and axialload capability and is filled with greaseready for application. The housing andtravel wheel arrangement provide anadditional trap system. The bearing islubricated for life. This means that the wheelsfeature high resistance to wear for a low travel resistance, with rail wear also beingreduced to a minimum.

The high inherent damping effect of the travel wheels guaranteesgood running characteristics for the travel unit. Travel wheels which performa guide function, e. If extreme wear is expected, e. This hardening is only to reduce wear. Hydropur is a polyurethane elastomer which features good resistance to hydrolysescompared to other conventional polyurethanes such as Vulkollan, for example.

This material features significantly higher friction values compared to GJS GGG wheels, thus making travel wheels with a Hydropur tyre predestined for highlydynamic applications.

Running noises are reduced to a minimum owing to the gooddampening characteristics. Compared to GJS GGG 70 travel wheels, travel wheels made of polyamide PA 6 casting feature significantly reduced travel noise for comparable friction values. Attention must also be paid to the significantly reduced permissible load capacitycompared to travel wheels made of GJS GGG Owing to the highspecific contact pressure as a result of the round shape, polyamide is only suitablefor operation on steel materials or similar.

For thisto be possible, travel wheel sizes — must not feature any flange wear indicators. A uniform coating quality is ensured by a works standard oriented to meet wheelblock housing requirements ident no. DRS — Primer coat: Single coat of silver grey paint, coat thickness approx. If the paint finish is to be applied by the customer, attention must be paid to worksstandard for special paint finish on powder-coated wheel block surfaces ident no.

DRS — For non-standard RAL colours, a corresponding finish coat may be applied to wheelblocks at the request of the customer. Special paint finishes on request.

Acid-resistant paint finish DRS — The surfaces of wheel blocks with a powder-coated finish may be used in environmentswith acid vapours without any treatment. Alternatively, a dual componentacid protection paint finish may be applied to appropriately pre-treated housings. Wheel blocks must also be fitted with ball bearings featuring double lip seals. The gap between the housing and the cover is seated with an acid-proof varnish.

DRS — Wheel blocks can be supplied with an acid protection paint finish for applications inenvironments with acid vapours. Further details: see assembly, installation and operating instructions,order no.

If higher horizontal loads are to be expected, the roller guide arrangement can befitted to the steel superstructure, however, not to the wheel block. The basis for selection is the maximum useful rail head width for flat rails. Refer to the permissible load capacity tables for linear contact section 2. The ground clearanceincreases for travel wheel types C, E and F owing to the larger travel wheel diameter.

Select the relevant rated size for other thicknesses. Use the next smaller rated sizefor the clamped version. Permissible wheel loads R perm rail are used in section 5. Note:Cylindrical travel wheels on curved rails are standard, concave special travelwheels on flat rails are special cases. Travel wheel material: spheroidal graphite cast iron. Reduction factor f RSfor curve radius Round rail —travel wheel with concave treadRail shapeSemi-round or round profilePoint contact - Spheroidal graphite cast iron travel wheel materialFor further information, see point contact tables page Reduction factor forrail radius f RSb.

The ratio of max. Requirement: The permissible horizontal force see section 1. Driven wheel block, for torque bracket fittingand indication of hub profilesMA.

Wheel block also drivenand indication of hub profilesNA. Non-driven wheel block56Wheel block sizes , , , , , , , Demag -Radblock-Systemb. The travel wheel tread R L is specified as 1,1 times the rail radius R S. The max. Other dimensions identical as for standard wheel block. After alignment:see operating instructions 44 for welding1 3see section 3.

M 10M a. DRS end connectionnot included in scope of supply Standard assignments and maximum adjustment are shown in the table. DRS Part no. Central shaft set part no. Please check with the manufacturer beforeusing these shafts. Wheel centreHollow shaft K A offset gearboxD imensions in mmPartno. D d1H11d2d4l l1l 2 2 l3W eightPart no. Table 1 Table 2Permissible distance between DRS wall and bearing platerear side see pin connection fig.

Universal shaft F dimensions for DRS — Torque bracket obstacle edge Torque bracket obstacle edgeb. Torque bracket obstacle edgeA— — BAB— 60B— 80B— 00B1 x M x Mc.


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For all your material flow and logistics requirements, we can supply you with reliable solutions: from high-performance standard components to complete packages that are tailored to meet your individual needs. With our industry and customer-specific solutions, we can rise to any challenge. Thanks to our innovative products and solutions, we can reliably meet even the most demanding requirements. Our focus is always on uncompromising quality as well as maximum safety and reliability — and our goal is to help our customers to achieve the best possible performance.


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