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Organizations Symbol, last 2 digits of the present year, and the number of contents in the package. Shared Flashcard Set.

Title CDC - 3d - Journeyman. Description 3d - CDCs - Volume 1. Total Cards Subject Other. Level Not Applicable. Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Other Flashcards.

Term life cycle of information. Definition c reation, p rocessing, d issemination, u se, s torage, d isposition. Term AFI Definition public affairs policies, and procedures.

Term AFH Definition Tongue and Quill. Definition Preparing official Commmunications. Definition Privacy Act. Definition Air Force Messaging. Definition 1. Term Staff Summary Sheet Form. Definition Form Term Types of Memorandums. Term Types of Memorandums for Record. Definition Seperate Page Explanatory Brief. Term 2 Types of Indorsement Memo. Definition Same Page Seperate Page. Term 3 Types of Paper. Term What is a Talking Paper? Definition outline for a breifing [ex: power point for sarc].

Term What is a Bullet Background Paper? Definition when covering more than one topic [ex: announcements]. Term What is a postition Paper? Definition when someone is trying to convince you of an idea or position on a topic. Term What are the 2 types of email? Term What is the most common mistake before sending an email? Definition check your attachments. Term What is the symstem used in the OMC? Definition Installation Commander. Term What are the 2 form s of Holy Joes?

Term Who acts as the agent for all official on base activities? Definition BITS. Definition Registered Mail. Term Conformation of Delivery, including date, time, and location. You can request to have a letter mailed to you with a copy of this. Definition Signature Conformation. Term Mail Sealed against inspections. Definition First Class. Term Provides a receipt to the sender and a record of delivery. Definition Express Mail. Term What is an AF Form ? Definition A checklist put inside each package with classified information.

Term Top Secret Info Causes Definition Exceptionally grave Damage. Term Secret Info causes Definition Serious Damage. Term Confidential Info causes Definition Some Damage. Term What is required for a person to recieve classified info? Definition Need to know, security clearance, and signed non-disclosure agreement. Definition Secret and Confidential. Term Who is responsible for determining an individuals "need to know" for classified info?

Definition The authorized possessor of the classified information. Definition their supervisor, security manager, or commander. Term Who is responsible for ensuring individuals who need access to classified info sign the SF ? Definition original and derivative.

Term What are the 3 types of Records? Definition Federal, State and Personal Records. Term What is a Federal Record? Definition anything that has to do wtih the government - evidence, operations, etc. Term What is a State Record? Anything that has to do with the state - until the government has to pay for it, then it becomes a federal record. Term What is a Personal Record? Definition Diaries, journals, calendars, planners, etc.

Term Difference between Draft and Final Records? Term Life cycle of E-Records. Term What are the Mandatory Fields for a summary? Term Who manages the base staging area?

Term Ensures offices of records receive a staff assistance visit at least every 24 months. Definition FARM. Term Ensures records custodians attend records management training.

Term Maintains the office files plan and accountability for active and inactive records. Definition RC [Records custodian]. Term Ensures all personnel who create, maintain, and dispose of records, attend records management training.

Definition COR. Term Trains all personnel within three months of assignment, who's duties include filing, maintaining and disposing of records. Definition RC. Term Who is the final authority for the internet release package? Definition Unit Commander. Term What is a container number made up of? Definition Organizations Symbol, last 2 digits of the present year, and the number of contents in the package.

Term Who is the orginal classification authority? Definition Secretary of the Air Force. Term What form is used when hand-carrying classified material? Definition DD Form Term 2 Types of Vital Records.


DD Form 2861 "Cross-reference"

Organizations Symbol, last 2 digits of the present year, and the number of contents in the package. Shared Flashcard Set. Title CDC - 3d - Journeyman. Description 3d - CDCs - Volume 1.


Shared Flashcard Set

DD Form , Cross-Reference is a form that is used for tracking down and verifying a cross-reference check of documents. The form was last released by the Department of Defense DoD in June with previous editions being obsolete. An updated fillable DD Form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DA Form - is available for download and digital filing down below or can be found on the Executive Services Directorate website. There are three types of cross-reference with a different amount of pages required for each case. Download the document to your desktop, tablet or smartphone to be able to print it out in full. Table of Contents.


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