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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. All rights are reserved. This manual may not be copied, photographed, reproduced, or translated or reduced to any electrical medium or machine readable form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent from New World Computing, Inc. Portions of the program accompanying this book may be copied, by the original purchaser only, as necessary for use on the computer for which it was purchased.

If such a defect should occur during this day period, you may return the diskette to New World Computing, Inc. This warranty is only effective if you have previously returned the Product Registration Card for this product or include a copy of your receipt for the program. New World Computing, Inc. Some states do not allow these exclusions, so they may not apply to you. This special CD-ROM version of the game is really two games Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen rolled into one, with two differences: One, your characters are able to travel from one game to the other, doublingthesizeoftheworld availableforexpio ration.

Two,CD- RO M technology has made possible the use of digitized speech in all places that call for it. The structure of the World of Xeen is a flat square. Travel between the two sides of the world is easy: The small pyramids scattered about Clouds of Xeen the side of the world yourcharacters will start on can be used to travel to the pyramid inCastleview on the Darkside, and the Castleview pyramid willtakeyouto thepyramid outside Vertigo in Cloudsof Xeen.

Rumor has it there mayyetbe other methods of travelling between the two sides. Once you have become a flip side explorer, you will be able to complete those quests that require you to visit both sides of the world.

The main quest in each of the two sides can be completed without a visit to the other, but there is a third major quest and ending that will require multiple trips between the two sides to finish. New World Computing invites anyone who completes any ofthe three majorquests to send usyourscore. All who complete a quest will receive a certificate of congratulations for their accomplishment.

Your conversation bobs and weaves among subjects in between draughts of ale, but the central topic isthe vivid, recurring dreams you all shared starting eight months ago. The first dream arrived as a nightmare, frightening in its clarity and intensity. You all dreamt that you were listening to King Bullock's adviser, Crodo, speak to you.

It was as though he was talking from a great distance, and the message seemed to have been addressed to someone else: Tbis message is notadream.

I am sorry to trouble your sleep in this manner, but I have no other way to communicate with you. A few months ago, a man claiming to be King Burlock's lost brother, Roland , arrived in court and announced himself to the King. Roland had left on a mission into Mount Firestone many years ago, looking for the passage to the Fabled "Land below the Land". That Roland should return home afterall these years was very good newsforthe King, but I had my reservations.

Where had he been all this time, and why had n't he come home sooner? Suspicious of him from the first, I watched him tell tales of ancient treasures and works of power. The artifact that Roland talked most ab out was the Sixth Mirror. The Sixth Mirrorw as the only magic mirror that was made to be portable, and because ofthis it had no name.

The owner of the Mirror was able to step through itjust like the other five Mirrors, but he could take this one with him. That Roland wasobsessed withtheMirrorbecameincreasinglyclear with time, but the King did not seem to notice.

Rather, King Burlock began to finance exp editions to find the lost mirror. Many brave and powerful adventurers answered the call, but none succeeded. In spite of repeated failures, Roland urged the King to continue the search. The King's health d eterio rated , the servants grew lax in theird uties, and the treasury ran d angero usiy lo w.

I feitthat I had to do something and do it soon. That very night I awoke to the chill kiss of dark magic being worked nearby. Rising to my feet, I gathered my robe about me and quietly walked into the hallway. From there I was able to hearmuffled sounds coming from Roland's room. Cautiously, I crept up to Roland's room and looked through the keyhole.

To my horror, I saw Roland sitting cross-legged, ho Id ing a b lac kto me in one hand. From a charcoal d iagram on the floorarose the image of a foul spirit in the shape of a knight with horns cresting his helm. Roland was conversing with it in a harsh tongue that I did not recognize. I must have made some sound then, for Roland abruptlytumed and stared hard atthedoor.

I backed awayfromthe keyhole immediately, and it is w ell that I d id , fo rthe d oo r sud d enly b lew off its hinges and slammed against the opposite wall. Fearing formy life, I ran. I ran as fast as my old bones would take me, ran asthough the forces of Hell were at my heels. Tbey were. As I rounded the first comer of the hallway, screaming for help,thechillblastofRoland'swintermagic narrowly missed me. We ran thro ugh the tw isting halls of Burlock'scastle, through rooms d usty with disuse and through armories filled with rusting war too Is.

I took a turn and found myself cornered at the end of a hallway with no means of escape. In despair I turned to face Roland and raised my magical defenses, knowing that he was stronger than I. Roland came charging around the comer and slowed down when he saw that I was cornered. Raising his hands above his head in preparation ofa so rcero us strike, Roland smiled and said, "What's the matter, Crodo?

A re you afraid of what you saw? I looked up at Roland, who was still smiling and advancing, sighed again, and threw my spell. The force of the dancing blades spell flying from me pushed me back against the wall. Caught off guard, Roland failed to deflectthe spell. The blades flew out from my hands, stripping the flesh from his body. Hope rose within me when I saw whatihad done to him, then despairwhen he still stood after the attack.

Scraps of flesh clung to his grinning skull, and his one remaining eye glared at me. I knew then that Roland was Undead, and that I could not defeat him. Xeen made a peculiar gesture with his right hand and then clenched his fist. I felt a pressure on my defenses and on my head which quickly grew intolerable. The blackness took me and I knew no more. When I awoke, I found myselfinatoweronan island surrounded by water. From my window I am able to see King Burlock's castle across the w ater.

Every d ay I see the search p arties leaving the castle to loo k forthemirrorand wonderif the King knowswhat'Roland'is,orwhere I am. Because of the materials used to construct the room I am in, I am unable to use my magic to escape. The only thing I can do is try to send these d reams to you in hopes that you will hear and respond. I don't know what Lord Xeen wants the mirror for, but it can't be good. I fear the ruin of the realm if he succeeds. You are the only peopleintheworld withthepowerand resources to makeaweapon capable of slaying Lord Xeen in your laboratories in Newcastle.

You must make haste. If Lord Xeen discovers what you are doing he will destroy you. With that, the dream ends. This dream had been repeated several times for about two months, then never again. The day after you had your last dream, Newcastle was destroyed by a bolt from the sky, and all its inhabitants were killed. Each one of you realized that you may be the only person left alive who received the message.

If you did n't do anything, nobody would. So you quit your jobs and traveled to Vertigo with your life savings. Here you were able to find training in spells and weapons, and here you met one another.

You talk late into the night, excitement and nervousness in your VO ices. Asthe CO nversatio n w ind sd o w n and yo u all are getting read y to retire forthe night, youagreethatto morrow is the day you will start your ad ventures.

J udging from their trajectory, they must have landed near the volcano. I have sentWolrow to investigate the imp act site. The time of the Prophecy draws near, and I suspect that these meteors are a good omen. I am so happyforherINota single one had to be eaten because of deformities. Everything in the world seems to be going right. The initial preparations for the Prophecy have been flawless, and I anxiously await Queen Kalindra's response to my request for her aid in the final Prophecy ceremony.

Responsesshould becoming in soon. The culmination of the Prophecy is so near I can taste it. He probably took some extra time to study the meteor phenomenon.

I have not yet received a response from Queen Kalindra or any volunteers. Heshouldbeback by now, and I fear for his safety. I will send a search party for him if he is not back in two more days. I have had positive responses from several volunteers on the matter of the Prophecy, and they have all indicated that they will arrive at the royal pyramid in afew days.

The response is more than gratifying.


Might and Magic: World of Xeen copy protection

Because that doesn't appear to always work. Some keywords are missing, and it seems to be the only file that's been uploaded. When you run the game, click 'Go. Bat' because it's cracked. When you are asked the manual questions, type anything and hit Enter. But be sure to type something when asked. I didn't even know it had copy protection.


Might and Magic: Darkside of Xeen


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