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This is a fantastic French course by Librairie Hachette comprised of four text books: Volume 1 : 65 lessons accompanied with very high quality audio. This volume does not have any exercises at all. I am extremely impressed by the courses having completed the first three volumes and would speculate that all four volumes would ultimately take a student from A0 to C1. Despite all instructions being in French from the 1st volume, a motivated student can work around the instructions-are-in-French quandary by inferring from the diagrams.

Pros: 1. Outstanding grammar explanations looking at you, Mr. Voice actors speak naturally and with faster speech than most courses. Lessons are of Goldilocks-length: not so short that they make one wonder if one learnt anything a la TYS French and not so long as to completely strain one's attention Linguaphone French An exceptionally detailed account of what concerns France and its citizens- geography, economics, politics, religion, history and culture - particularly in the first dozen years after WW2.

Cons: 1. Those who are hell-bent on sounding as "hip" and "cool" as possible needn't apply here! These courses contain anachronistic speech. Outstanding grammar explanations in French, which is a huge deterrent to anyone without any prior knowledge of the language. A fairly steep learning curve that will put off all, but the most motivated of students.

Vol 1 is not for your typical A0 student who is not using other courses in parallel. I posted a snippet of the 3rd volume's preface below. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

PM's acolyte shares how to teleport through 28 French courses in 6 weeks! World domination log. Last edited by reineke on Tue Oct 23, pm, edited 1 time in total.

Thanks for that, Reineke! Admins, please may you kindly move my post to the link generously provided by Reineke? The idea was to merge the threads. I'm moving my Mauger-related posts here. I have also included this thread in the resource area. The course has been nicknamed "le livre bleu" or "le Mauger bleu".

I left the book 4 of the first course The only audio I have been able to hunt down for the second course was an online recording read by an Indian person i. I'd love to hunt it down because that's how I learned my pronunciation as a kid. The audio for the Cours the langue The fourth book of Le Cours The book also features occasional short grammar pointer and questions about the text. The course is excellent. It's not a part of the course but they may have been selling it back in the day along with the course.

Designed to bring French to the whole world during the heights of its popularity, it aims to instruct the students entirely in French. The pictures are hand drawn with black and white photos and are reminiscent of World War II. If you are a high school teacher contemplating this text, keep in mind your student population. If you can get past the layout of the book, it actually does a good job of delivering the material.

However, everything is completely in French so this can be overwhelming or a welcome challenge. You decide. The book does provide some pronunciation keys, however, they are written in the linguist phonetics of dictionary entries. Fifty years ago this book was revolutionary and praised as one of the best language learning resources of its time.

That said, if you have a guts to stick it out, this book would definitely help you on your way to French acquisition. If I'm not mistaken the audio is available for purchase.

Mauger y M. Brueziere Hachette, A decent course. In a Russian publisher apparently published a Russian-based version of this course. There are plenty of books available for purchase but no audio. Worth preserving. I'd love to hunt it down.. Mauger's pronunciation and liaison notes are extremely helpful, and the entire course is simply magnificent. The first book follows the daily life of a Canadian family in France, while books 2, 3, and 4 progressively introduce literature, essays etc.

Book 4 is practically all literature. I believe the course to be among the best ever conceived. Mauger, produced in the 50's and updated again in the 60's. This is what I would regard as a paradigmatic course. The manual is entirely in the target language, and the lessons are presented in progressive fashion, with discreet grammatical elements introduced one at a time, briefly and clearly explained through the use of examples, and illustrated by a reading passage.

The reading passages are structured too to present vocabulary thematically, for example articles of clothing, parts of a house, etc. They are also connected. On the introduction it is stated that the course is hoped not only to guide the student in the acquisition of a language that will aid them in practical circumstances, but that it will also be their introduction to French civilization and culture.

The course spans four volumes the last of which, devoted to French literature, is impossible to find new or used , and takes the student all the way from beginner to advanced.

As a native speaker of Spanish I discovered that the advanced stages of learning French are much easier than it was to pick it up initially, as they are essentially the same language, only seen through some kind of diffractive medium. After having completed Assimil's French without Toil and New French with Ease , followed by Living Language's Ultimate French: Advanced , I was in a position to pursue directly French literature and books on history and other academic subjects, however I had already bought the first three volumes of Mauger's course, so I decided to use them to fill in the gaps in my vocabulary as well as for additional reading practice.

I'm very glad I did, for not only are these manuals very thorough, substantive, and well prepared and structured, they're incredibly charming and enjoyable. Their quaintness makes them so much fun, they transport the reader to another era.

They're without doubt much better and preferable to anything I have seen that has been produced since. Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.


Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises I

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