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Jawshan | Arabic-English (1)

The bottom half where the child will turn to see the different action performed throughout a fasting day,insha Allah. This is the top part with the window section that will display each action as the wheel is turned. To connect the pieces you will use a brass fastener. While assembling you will have to match the pieces together and will also have to cut some excess off to have it really truly match. Here we have a basic bulletin board that displays many insects that Allah has created. What a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. The butterflies inside their chrysalis on top of the tree.


Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

O God, our Sustainer! Deliver us, save us, rescue us from Hell-fire! And grant us well-being and pardon and appoint us to Paradise, Thy sacred abode, together with the righteous — through Thy forgiveness, O Protector; through Thy grace, O Most Forgiving! For the sake of these noble Names and glorious attributes I beseech that Thou grantest blessings to our master Muhammad, and to his Family and Companions, to the number of his good works. In the Name of God, God suffices. There is no god but God. God is witness.


Buyuk Cevsen ve Turkce Meali - Turkce Okunuslu



Ramadan Bulletin Board – mini Bulletin Board Laylatul Qadr Display


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