GDF — SE. Como cognatos podemos citar: school escola , telephone telefone , car carro , question. Por exemplo:. Observe este trecho:.

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GDF — SE. Como cognatos podemos citar: school escola , telephone telefone , car carro , question. Por exemplo:. Observe este trecho:. The goal is to build a mix of instructional media, meeting the needs of the learner in a manner that is instructionally effective and economically prudent. O que faz um scanner? Olhe este trecho:. This is the challenge and the opportunity p rovided by distance education.

Seu de quem? TEXTO 1 Every day more and more of us find that computers have become part of our daily background: magazines we read have been typeset by computers, architects have designed our houses with the help of computers, our paylips are printed by computers, we pay bills prepared by computers, using checks marked with computer symbols, and the payments result in bank statements prepared by computers.

Even more directly associated with the machines are those who use them in their day-to-day work — scientists and storekeepers, clerks and directors, soldiers and sailors, accountants and engineers — besides the growing numbers of computer personal who are responsible for making the machines do the work. Each of us, whether layman, computer use or computer technician, will have problems with computer terminology.

And then the cell phone went digital. And that provides a clearer connection and more reability. Now the future of technology appears to be in the hands of the mobile phone industry. Cell phones and handhelds are everywhere. The future is now, and it is wireless. Except the future is still the future.

Wireless technology is relatively young. The first generation has been around only since the early s, when analog voice transmission networks were introduced. It will also use the existing spectrum space more efficiently and increase the speeds with which basic data can be transmitted over wireless devices.

If you connect lamps in parallel the lamps stay the same brightness however many lamps you add. This is because the voltage across every lamp is the same.

In your house the lamps are connected in parallel. This means that even if you have all the lights on, the lights do not dim. Digital Oscilloscope. For the maximum safety of the person who may use the oscilloscopes, they have been designed and manufactured for full safety features and they are shipped after stringent inspections.

And yet, it is unavoidable handle it carefully, in order to avoid damage to the instruments and hazards to the persons. Above, there are notes and warnings which the persons using the instrument must take heed of and observe:. NOTE — Calls for special attention for correct and efficient use of the instrument. The following symbols may be posted on the oscilloscope as well as indicated in this manual.

CAUTION — Means a matter which can lead to electric shock hazards to the person who is operating the instrument or to damage of the instrument itself or other instruments. For the input of AC input cable, be sure to use a 3-pin. Fig 1. Do not remove the covers of the oscilloscope lest you should expose yourself to such high voltages. The covers should be removed only by qualified experts. Easy to operate — You can easily use major functions of the oscilloscope which employs a direct knob control system.

Compact and light — COR U series is very compact and light for its. This has become feasible through dexterous use of flush-mount components. Comment display — You can display comments by using this feature.

Alternate magnified sweeps — This feature allows you to magnify readily any. This time base can be magnified by 5,10 or 50 times. The Alternate Magnified Sweep mode, which runs a mains sweep and magnified sweep alternately, is also available.

In single Trigger Mode, you can capture frequency components up to 5. The stored and reproduced waveforms closely resemble the original analog ones. COR U series has two 4k-word. Saving Memory units.

The memory units are internally backed up so that the data is not destroyed even if the power is turned off. The data is maintained for a longer period.

Receiving Inspections — The oscilloscope has been subjected to electrical and. General precautions - This section is about electrical and mechanical precautions.

Read this section before start using it:. Checking the AC line voltage and frequency Operate the oscilloscope on as rated AC input voltage of through V, frequency 50 through Hz, although it is permissible to operate the oscilloscope on an AC line voltage of 90 V, frequency Hz.

Checking the type and ratings of fuse Before connecting the power cable to the AC inlet of the oscilloscope, check the type and rating of the power fuse. The fuse holder of the oscilloscope is structured integrally with the AC inlet. The fuse holder cap can be detached by using a screwdriver or a pointed tool as showing bellow. Two fuses one of which is for replacement spare are put in the cap. Fig 2. Take out the fuse and check that is a slow-blow fuse of V AC, 2 A.

Return the fuse and cap to the original positions by following the take out procedure in the reverse order. Fully insert the cap until it clicks. When you replace the fuse with a new one, make sure to use a correct one. The spare fuse is put in the fuse hold cap. When the fuse has also used up, you may use a new one available on the market, but be sure that it is the correct type and rating. Warnings: Never use a wrong or incorrect fuse. Never short-circuit the fuse holder terminals instead of the fuse.

These operations might result in serious damage and hazards. Checking the power cable - Be sure that the power cable is supplied as an.

The power cable has a 3-color wire and a 3-pin receptacle; one of the three pins being for safety grounding. Avoid using oscilloscope in environments as mentioned below:. The ambient temperature range for the. Provide an ample space behind the rear panel, where the air-cooling fan is installed on. Preserving the CRT.

Checking the Oscilloscope operation. Check the operation of the oscilloscope as explained in this section. The oscilloscope will automatically diagnose itself as you turn the power switch on. If a diagnostic result is failed turn the power switch on and off a few times, this fact means that the oscilloscope has a trouble: the ROM or RAM of the oscilloscope might be failed. Preparation for measurement. This section covers a simple preparative procedure to do first before using the oscilloscope in order to measure waveforms or signals more efficiently and accurately.

For the preparative procedure, proceed as follows:. Checking the AC line voltage and frequency;. Checking the type and ratings of the fuse;. Checking the oscilloscope operation. There are two characteristics in this product. First, it has several buil-in circuits, which are very useful for the experiment of digital circuits.

Second, all the connectors, switches, lampas and knobs are located in order to provide easy connections and experiences with the components. Power is supplied from either V or V. This product has DC power supply. Descriptions of panel controls and connectors.

Monitors inputs or outputs of BCD. They enable you to. This signal can be applied to clock. It is connected serially with output. If put to. Logic Lab Unit operating procedures. Make sure that AC input voltage is V or V and select corresponding voltage input.

Keep this unit away from heat and dusty place;. When you connect the circuit on bread board, use jump wire whose diameter is less than 6. Make sure that pin 1 index notch identification of all IC is correctly directed as you.



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