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FAX only page page - Chapter 8. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 99 Chapter Brother user'sguide fax machine faxe faxe pages. The machines are designed to interwork with the basic network functions of the following countries telecoms networks within the scope of the approval.

You will be ready to use the fax machine as soon as you read the first four chapters. Page 10 Chapter INDEX Page 12 Brother advises that this product will not function correctly in a country other than that in which it was originally offered for sale, and does not offer any warranty in the event that this product is used on public telecommunication lines in a country other than that in which it is approved.

Page Chapter 1. The Good Places Place your fax machine on a flat, stable surface, such as a desk. Never install telephone jacks in wet locations unless the jack is specifically designed for wet locations.

Attach the document supports. Attach the recording paper supports. Install the printing cartridge. OPEN button 2 Remove the stopper for the printing cartridge. Turn the gear towards you and remove the slack in the ribbon in printing cartridge carefully. Page 17 3. Lightning and Power Surges can damage this product! We recommend that you use a quality Surge Protection Device on the AC power line as well as the telephone line or unplug the lines during a lightning storm.

Page 18 1 Connect the plug at the end of the handset cord to the socket on the side of the machine labelled with the telephone symbol. Handset curled cord Page 19 7. Setting the recording paper. NOTE: Make sure that you do not put so much paper in the sheet feeder that the Maximum height line is obscured.

Remove the printing cartridge containing the used ribbon. See this chapter for removing and installing the printing cartridge. Position the printing cartridge as shown in the illustration paying special attention to the position of the blue shaft. Install the blue, white and black shafts into the cardboard cores of the new ribbon.

Pay special attention to the position of the ribbon as shown in the illustration. White shaft 5. You can then leave the machine in FAX mode to receive faxes at any time of the day or night. Page Chapter 2. See chap. One-Touch Dial Keys These 12 keys give you instant access to previously stored phone numbers. Page 27 Menu Tel-Index Mode This key is used to specify how the fax machine should handle incoming calls. Answer Mode See chap.

Memory This key enables you to scan in your originals at twice the normal speed, by storing them in the memory before actual transmission. Mute You can use this key to put a call on hold. Set This key is used for storing a function setting into the fax machine. Clear This key deletes entered data or backs up one step in a function procedure. Speed-dial This key lets you access previously stored speed dial phone numbers with a two digit number. Record Use this key to record outgoing voice messages, memos and memo manager messages into your fax machine.

You can also record voice information for the Voice-on-Demand feature. Erase This key erases voice or fax messages stored in your fax machine. All you need to do is follow the prompt instructions as they guide you through the function menu selections, programming options and settings. To help you understand the function selections, options, and settings that are found in your fax machine, we have provided the following Function Selection Table.

TEMPO- 5. Software is available from your Brother dealer. Page 39 You can store the incoming fax messages in the memory. Then you can use the convenient remote control functions. OGM 9. When you are making certain settings, such as One-Touch dial, you need to enter text into your fax machine. Follow the example below. If you want to enter a blank space, press X right arrow twice. If you entered a letter incorrectly and want to change it, you can use Z left arrow to move the cursor back. Page Chapter 4.

Once entered, these settings will remain in the machine until you change them. You can begin customising the settings by pressing Menu on the control panel. If not, set OFF. Press Menu. Press 6.

You can set the date and time in function mode. Press 5. Press 7. Press Set. Page Setting The Station Id Your number on the local exchange, using spaces to aid readability as appropriate. As an example, your fax machine is installed in the United Kingdom, is to be used for both fax and voice calls, and your national telephone number is , then you must set the Enter the name by using the number keys up to 20 characters. Press Set to confirm the entry. There are 3 options: 1. FAX A fax number.

Page 53 2. Print out the Quick-Dial List to make sure you have stored the correct numbers; see chap. Even if there should be a loss of electrical power to your fax machine, the telephone and fax numbers you have stored will not be lost.

Page 55 One-Touch numbers. Press Stop to return to date and time. When switched ON, Memory Security prohibits most functions. The following functions listed are available while Memory Security is switched ON. You must then start from Step 1 to set Memory Security. If you forget the Memory Security password, please contact your Brother dealer for service. Page Chapter 5. If your fax machine is connected to a PABX, you may need to insert an additional number prefix e.

After your fax has been printed on the receiving end, the receiving fax machine will ring as if it were receiving a telephone call.

If the recipient picks up the handset, your fax machine will ring. For further information, see chap. On Hook Dialling 1. Dial the number by pressing the number keys or Quick Dial keys. Page Chapter 6. Sending Faxes The size of the documents you want to send by fax should not be larger or smaller than your fax machine can accommodate. The documents should each be between and mm 5. The thickness and weight of the documents should fall into the following categories: Thickness: For one sheet: 0. Place the document to be sent into the feeder.

Press Resolution key. Page Sending A Fax Manually Automatic redialling can only be used for faxes that were sent using automatic transmission— not for telephone calls.


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Brother Fax-1020Plus Owner's Manual


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