The Abyss. These Planes of Perdition are home to the wickedest denizens of the multiverse and The Book of Fiends brings them crashing into your 5E campaign! The Book of Fiends provides profoundly evil foes your players will never forget. The core of the book all the background and all the monsters is written and edited already , and layout and art direction has already begun. Backers at appropriate levels will receive a work-in-progress PDF right after the close of the campaign, so you can get the evil in your game as soon as possible.

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What is Tim's Errata Archive? This website is an archive of my unofficial errata and commentary on selected role-playing game products from my personal library. Tim's Errata Archive is primarily devoted to Freeport errata, but also includes other Green Ronin titles as well as a very eclectic selection of releases from other companies.

Who is Tim? Stuff I've Written. Games I've Played. General Notes In many entries, the box with the creature description has been moved to the second page--which is frequently a verso page rather than a facing page. This text should be much closer to the beginning of each entry, not towards the end. Table of Contents p. Introduction p. No notes. Volume 1: Armies of the Abyss p. The 3. The Book of Exalted Deeds introduces several more eladrin. See Manual of the Planes , pp.

Stats for five demon lords are given in the Book of Vile Darkness , pp. Chapter Two: Those Who Serve p. Besides choosing certain domains, thaumaturges can also gain additional class skills through their choice of patron. Chapter Three: Those Who Rule p.

Does this refer to the cover of the [3. Also, a summoned creature vanishes if killed PHB, p. Chapter Four: Creatures of the Abyss p.

See Tim's Appendices Demons by Prince for a list of demons sorted by the prince they most often serve. The Treasure line should not be indented. Alternately, replace Socothbenoth with his sister Nocticula, who has similar tastes and profile. Volume 2: Hordes of Gehenna p. The greatest virtue and flaw of the book for me was Hordes of Gehenna.

Unfortunately for my campaign, I already used Hades and Gehenna as depicted in the Manual of the Planes and the background of BoF's Gehenna is so different that IMO you will have to choose one or another for coherence. I always felt that NE could also be described as "forgotten evil", as many DM's put more attention to the chaotic demons and the hierarchical devils.

The circles of sin were the proof of how [much] nastier neutral evil [can be] in the hands of a sadistic DM. I guess I see where you're coming from. One thing folks need to remember is that yugoloths are not open material and so when designing this section we could do one of two things.

One, imitate material already written, or two, design something new. Sure, our Gehenna is different from that depicted in MotP, but would you really have been satisfied if we just reproduced the same daemons? Not at all.

I think the idea behind the daemons was to reflect the spiritual corruption of selfishness as it applies to the seven deadly sins. The Greek daemon is a spirit, and based on the modern conception of the word, we bridged the idea of spirit and corruption. If you run a rigid Wheel Cosmology as described in the MotP, the material in Gehenna is still useable. Park [it] in the Abyss, or as a special unique plane somewhere between the infernal planes.

Maybe mortals call it Gehenna out of confusion. Maybe the gods created it to test mortals and now it has gotten out of control. In any event, the monsters presented in that section should be enough to send players shrieking in horror.

See the Advanced Gamemaster's Guide , pp. The antecedent is unclear. Under Harmonics, delete the extraneous spaces. The Cohort text mentions unholy warriors.

See Appendix Two p. The Infuriating Touch text states that it is inflicted by the claws, but the Attack and Full Attack entries link it to the bite. Under Defensive Stance, Skills and Feats should be indented. Under Alignment, do not capitalize "Neutral Evil".

If the latter, what type of weapon penetrates its DR? See MM, p. In the first paragraph of the main text, "horde" should be "hoard". If not, then combine them into a single line. Under Disgorge Feastings, change "none of swarms emerges" to "none emerge" to match Zovarik, p. More guidelines on suggested penalties for severed limbs would have been useful. Volume 3: Legions of Hell p.

In several entries e. Furcas is also the name of one of the Dark Eight: the pit fiend generals of the Blood War see Manual of the Planes , p. Mark one as a bonus feat. I found exaggerated the new CR for Iblis. While CR 25 in Legions of Hell was completely accepted, i think that he would fare poorly against a 40th level party for having some non epic defenses and offenses basically, the relatively low Hp, SR and caster level of 20 for spells and spell-like abilities. Plus consider the fact that he can deal points of damage on average in a round not including his bite attack, nor criticals either.

He casts spells as a 20th level cleric, etc. Throwing this guy at a group of 4 CR 25 characters would be cruel. I think CR 40 is fairly close if you consider his laundry list of abilities. I made the comparison with other creatures of the same CR. The problem with epic level that after 20th level many abilities of lesser level will not translate fully for a proportional scaling in the CR. And the vorpal enchantment only decapitates on And Iblis hp are not so high and a couple of high powered spells can bring him down.

And his caster level of 20 means he would have a medium to hard time when confronting a 25th monk SR 36 or a cleric Spell resistance effect of So, I would insist [on] toning down the CR. The appearance of power word stun twice in Iblis's list of spell-like abilities was a result of it appearing twice in the 3. WotC has corrected this in the latest errata for the Monster Manual. Fie upon my eyes for not spotting the redundancy sooner!

Unlike pp. In the first full paragraph on p. For 3E stats, see Manual of the Planes , pp. The bottom of the first column on p. The last line should probably read "of his followers. All spell names should be italicized. Many of the feats, spells and magic items in BoVD would be appropriate for these classes as would much of the general discussion of evil in that book.

The GM will have to decide whether to use one, both or neither in his own game. The wolf's stat block should be indented, and the "B" after Track should be superscript.

Knowledge law should be Knowledge local. Quicken Spell gives no benefit to sorcerers. This mountebank's [3. Appendices p. It would be nice to have a list of which fiend can be summoned by what level of summon monster, as it was done for the celestials in the Avatar's Handbook.

Dragon Magazine's nd issue had an article containing expanded rules for summoning Animals and Outsiders. Essentially, the Summoning Table was rebuilt with the following concept: Each level of the spell summons a maximum CR worth of creature; Summon Monster I can summon any Outsider with a CR less than 1, for example, such as a Formian worker or a Fiendish Dire Rat, or any monster you can create using Outsider templates that totals a CR of less then 1. The Table is as follows:.

Using that table, you can make your own list of Summonable Fiends from Book of Fiends. Flauros should not be confused with the demon prince of the same name p. Belial and Beelzebeub are lords of their own circles see p. Appendix Two: Unholy Warriors p. Given I use BotR extensively, I was hoping they would provide at least that.

The unholy warrior in the BoF is a 3. Asmodeus unholy warriors choose two from Corruption, Fire and Tyranny.


We've Got Your Vile Darkness Right Here!

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The Book of Fiends (PDF)

Devils, demons, and daemons--these are the ultimate servants of evil. Learn all their foul secrets in The Book of Fiends , the definitive sourcebook on these fell creatures. This tome collects Green Ronin's critically acclaimed Legions of Hell and Armies of the Abyss sourcebooks and combines them with the long awaited treatment of daemons, Hordes of Gehenna. All the fiends have been updated to the 3. Details on the plane of Gehenna, its rulers, and inhabitants are also revealed for the first time. The Book of Fiends is jam-packed with evil for your campaign, including:. Log In.

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