Nothing but indulgence of your speculative faculties. The vedas are to be taken for what they are - no conjecture, no logical reasoning, and certainly, no interpretation. There is a reason why NONE of your fanciful theories have stuck. All the puranic concepts, figures and stories are historical.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Thyagarajanagara, Bangalore Badarayana Murthy. He has also added a long introduction to this work which incorporates the gist of the papers presented at the seminar on cosmogony and cosmo- graphy organised by him in Bangalore during August This volume has two purposes in view.

To make clear the concept and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described in Bhugola Varnanam by Sri Vadiraja Tirtha to such readers who do not know Sanskrit. To elucidate this concept and details in terms of modern knowledge on this subject. It is natural that the two do not agree in all the details. One should not be in a hurry to reject either the traditional or the modern merely on this ground.

Scientific enquiry knows no end. Modern science is still quite young and should have the ambrition to grow. Its experimental method is only one way of scientific enquiry. Our ancient seers probably had much superior methods of enquiry. They were able to cultivate ceratin mental faculties of man that could probe into the mysteries of the universe much deeper. Sri Vadiraja tirtha, the author of Bhugola Varnanam, was one such great seer of mystic powers.

His Bhugola Varnanam was the outcome of both his direct vision of the structure of the universe through his mystic power and also his deep study of puranas that give the details of the universe. Therefore, modern screntists should take it as a guide to continue their enquiry further. Sri V. Badarayana Murthy has analysed the contents of this great work in a simple and clear manner.

He has given modern equivalents of calculations of the locations of planets and distances, seas, worlds, etc. The gist of the seminar papers included in the intro- duction throws useful light on different aspects of this problem.

It is heartening to note that many young scien- tists have handled the matter with an open mind and with convincing arguments.

I appeal to senior scientists to overcome their prejudice that the Vedas and puranas contain unscientific and imaginary data and all this does not stand any scientific scrutiny. They must accept the fact that our ancient seers were more close to Nature and had different methods of enquiry other than the present day experimental method. But their conclusions are still available in our ancient literature and we must try to find the clues to understand them. If we are not able to read the script of certain ancient documents, we should not rush to the conclusion that these ancients had no language at all.

Our branding of our ancient scientific thought as unscientific amounts to such an attitude. Bedarayana Murthy has done well in bringing this great work on world Geography to the notice of modern scholars. The pictures and charts included by him have added to the usefulness of this volume.

Pandurangi 'If. Raghupathl Rao B. The material Science which gets lion's share under Education, has no answer to human problems, for it does not accept that a man has a soul to save- Added is the bluff that is carried on vehemently that our earth has three motions.

The first, it spins on its own axis. The second, it orbits round the sun. The third, it has precession. If we accept these motions for the earth, no life would be possible on this earth. Our ancient Scriptures hold that the earth is stationary. Not only that; it is just one of the fourteen okas created by the Lord. Even though their truth is vouchsafed for us by the Lord, Himself, thanks to the doubts injected by Material Science, which is based on imperfect perce- ption and logic based on such faulty perception, even scripturally oriented people feel timid to project the views given by Scriptures.

Shri V. Badarayana Murthy has made a life-long study of both the views. No one is asking anyone to accept this view or that view. But there is sufficient scope for further scrutiny on received knowledge which is paraded before our children. It is for the serious reader to consider the two views and arrive at his own conclusion. Saint Sri Vadiraia has given this work, so that the devotees of the Lord may see their way clearly.

O tioa. W5 a7,0 0 caodi as? A, tstio KS? Kaku and J. It took about million years for the elementary particles of the big-bang to develop into their most advanced system- the human brain ". How did the ancients arrive at this figure?


Bhugola Varnanam of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha




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