Abstract: During welding with hand-held spot-welding guns, violation of the exposure limit values permissible values to BGV B11 for the magnetic fields cannot be excluded. Whether violation of the permissible values presents a hazard to the welder's health, however, depends upon the effects of the fields within the exposed body. In the project described here, the exposure of welders during tasks involving hand-held spot-welding guns with separate 50 Hz AC power supplies was assessed for the first time with reference not only to results from workplace measurements, but also to calculated body current densities. For frequent work situations, body current densities were calculated and visualized in a three-dimensional field simulation in multiple layers of the body genitals, torso, neck and head. The results were compared with the basic limit values currently applicable for the central nervous system spinal cord and brain , and evaluated. Violations of the limit values in various fat and muscle tissues and in the spinal fluid liquor were found here to be possible, depending upon the interval, position and orientation of the spot-welding gun with respect to the body model; the limit values were however found to be observed within the central nervous system brain and spinal cord.

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Made available by U. Advanced Search options. Country Publication:. Identifier Numbers:. Publication Date:. Added Date:. More Options …. Suzuki, T. Wang, J. Wang, Y. Zhang, Y. Sato, T. Chen, Y. Zhang, J. Wang, X. Lee, S. Suzuki, Y. Li, Y. Suzuki, K. Takahashi, T. Liu, Y. Sato, K. Kobayashi, T. Saito, T. Sato, M. Tanaka, T.

Research Organization:. Sponsoring Organization:. Product Type:. Publication Date newest to oldest Publication Date oldest to newest Relevance. ETDE Web. Full Record Conference:. Abstract The measuring and evaluation methods of the BGV B11 concerning low frequency magnetic fields require a high level of both measuring equipment and know-how.

On the basis of examples from the body shop handheld welding guns and component production induction welding and hardening machines, degaussing coils it is shown how the BGV B11 is implemented at Volkswagen. Publication Date: Jul 01, Product Type: Conference. Report Number: FST. Jahrestagung des Fachverbandes fuer Strahlenschutz e. Proceedings, Tagungsband, by Reidenbach, H. Research Organizations: Fachverband fuer Strahlenschutz e.

Country of Origin: Germany. Language: German. Submitting Site: DE. Size: page s Announcement Date: Nov 03, Germany: N. Brylka, D.


Electromagnetic fields at hand-held spot-welding guns (IFA Report 2/2009e)

At workplaces, special regulations apply. Here the exposure limits for the general public can be exceeded. The rules contained therein shall be implemented into national law by all EU Member States through corresponding laws, regulations or administrative provisions by July 1, In the directive, the following limits are specified in a number of tables for different frequency ranges from 0 Hz to GHz :.


Limit values in Germany (occupational exposure)

Made available by U. Advanced Search options. Country Publication:. Identifier Numbers:. Publication Date:. Added Date:.

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