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Embed Size px x x x x Aardal, G. Nemhauser, and R. Discrete Optimization. Abramow, M. Mariniczew, and P. Metody analizysieciowej w planowaniu i zarzadzaniu. Wydawnictwo Ministerstwa ObronyNarodowej, Warszawa, Graph Theory and Applications. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Theory and Applications of Graphs. Proceedings,Michigan, May, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, Alavi, G. Chartrand, L. Lesniak, D. Lick, and C. Graphtheory with applications to algorithms and computer science.

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Combinatorial surveys: proceedings of the sixth british STOPcombinatorial conference. Academic Press, London, Cameron and J. Teorija grafov. Teorija kodirovanija i blok-schemy. Izdatel'stvo Nauka, Moskva, Designs, graphs, codes and their links. Cam-bridge University Press, Canon, C.

Cullum, and E. Sterowanie optymalne i pro-gramowanie matematyczne.


references - agh university of science and md/kacik_dysk.pdf ยท aspekty kombinatoryki ....

Modern Combinatorics is a fundamental area with many exciting topics of great importance in Computer Science. The seminar will run in two independent streams; one more focused on challenging open problems, the other more focused on methods. No special preparation is required from attendants but an "open brain". We study the problem of deleting a minimum cost set of vertices from a given vertex-weighted graph in such a way that the resulting graph has no induced path on three vertices. This problem is often called cluster vertex deletion in the literature and admits a straightforward 3-approximation algorithm since it is a special case of the vertex cover problem on a 3-uniform hypergraph.


Discrete Mathematics 3

I am collecting a few things. For example, I have a collection of books. If you want to borrow any book, please let me know. I also started collecting shot glasses. I try to buy one from each university I visit but, as you can see, I am not doing so well.

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